>… And so it is…

>Hello, bloggy hearts, I’m Cat, I’m a woman and I have been alive for about nineteen years, though come November 3rd, that amazing number, under which I sometimes shield to justify juvenile behavior and general immaturity, will change to a lovely 20. Two decades. Shit, I’m old.

I will try to post some of the shit I had on my other site here, since it seems more appropriate… because it’s kind of cooler to rant on a blog than on some lame chat site or whatever Badoo really is. I’ll be moving all of my posts from the previous site to this blog in a few days… I guess I could very well just go ahead and start over, since most of those things will no longer make much sense… but ya, I kind of like them so whatever. Here I’ll share stuff about my stupid life, my stupid school, my (sooooo not stupid) music taste, my (completely stupid yet very much addictive) obsession with Trent Reznor and anything Nine Inch Nails, and whatever I feel like ranting about, with whomever cares. So yeah, if you don’t just don’t read. I don’t give a shit. Uh, that’s it. Blah.

Listening to: Neutral Milk Hotel – Holland, 1945
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