>the bitching hour

>Damn it, I’m upset! I still haven’t got paid for the subtitles I worked on nearly TWO MONTHS AGO! grrr I’m mad! I need the fucking money to go buy my ticket to see the Nails in Colombia and if I don’t get the money this week, I’m gonna go all postal on Sara’s ass… fuck! She promised she would pay me what she owed me by the 15th… THE FIFTEENTH OF AUGUST! It’s the 20th and still no money. I wanna shoot someone. Seriously.

This is the final week of the semester, which means we’re all stressing out about the finals and projects and whatnot… I’m bored. I’m also very pissed because the little vacation we have we’ll have to spend it in some boring workshop that sounds as exciting as hearing my uncle read the newspaper at six AM. Plus, I’m broke. All my money is going to the Nails in Colombia fund (haha) and I can’t even afford chewing gum! But I know the show will be worth every penny, so whatever.

The Misfits are playing here today and… oops, guess what? Since I’m currently on economical mode, I can’t fucking go! This has got to be the worst week ever. I mean it.

Men are bastards, but we all know that, no further explanations needed.

Yeah, that’s it, I’m done ranting… God, the internets are the shit when you wanna bitch!

Listening to: Mephisto Walz – Forest Dying
Eating: Uh… thin air?
Drinking: Tea!


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