>oh, Trent!

>One day, one day… this man… oh God.

Ahem, but in the meantime, here I give you… THE EVOLUTION OF REZNOR!

1990 (Pretty Hate Machine/Sin)
It all started like this…

1992 (Broken)

Smash up my sanity,smash up my integrity, smash up what I believe in, smash up what’s left of me.

1994 (The Downward Spiral/Self Destruct Tour)
Oh, the good old TDS days… rawr!

1997 (The Perfect Drug)
Zorro Trent is the perfect drug, the perfect drug, the perfect drug…

1999 (The Fragile)
Just like you imagined.

2002 (Tapeworm/And All That Could Have Been)
The world needs some Tapeworm (captions courtesy of Meathead).

2004 (Making With Teeth)
A-With-a Teeth-a!

2006-2007 (With Teeth/Year Zero)
Bigger, longer, uncut. just like the South Park movie.

2008 (The Slip)
And here we are. The lights in the sky are waving goodbye…


4 thoughts on “>oh, Trent!

  1. >lol, yeah – even have the album. Some of it’s interesting, some of it – eh, I’m not sure what to call it. Though hearing Trent sing “Der Kommissar” is a little weird! 😉 (Although maybe less so than hearing the Buddy Holly cover he played in the movie “Light of Day” during his Exotic Birds period!)

  2. >You have that album hahahaha! Oh wow, I couldn’t even find it!!! Wow yes, I know, it’s not like he’s proud of that, you know? That shitty band paid the bills so it was fine by him. I bet he’d kick my ass if I came up to him with an Option 30 record. Seriously, I thought he’d bought all those embarrassing Option 30 records with his NIN money and burned them all in a pile in the Tate house… he forgot one, I suppose. Yours!

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