>the return of the bitching hour

>Well, okay… so today I took the bus to go to school to take the god awful finals, thinking ‘oh, my hair ends are so split!’ when this creepy guy I know got on. Haha it was scary. The dude is totally off, he knows nothing about approaching women, has no social skills whatsoever, says the most inappropriate stuff, creeps me out worse than Marilyn effing Manson. Some friend introduced us a while ago and god, the guy would sit next to me on the bus every day after that, then he would ask to borrow my iPod, then he’d listen to my music real loud, and then say some weird shit. And I had been avoiding him for a fuck of a long time until I completely lost him and was free to walk around school without having to hide behind trees and shrubs and benches. Until today. He sat next to me on the bus and I, taking advantage of my sunglasses, looked away from him the whole ride. He didn’t say anything to me, which was a relief. But then we got to school. I swear to god, everywhere I turned, there he was! Either he was stalking me or my school is smaller than I thought. Hopefully, he’ll stay away from me this upcoming semester. Otherwise his ass is going to hurt like a bitch. Mark my words.

Finals were okay. I mean, I think I totally sucked at the first, and froze at the second (it was a spoken examination), so they had to kick me out of the room and wait till everyone was done to let me back in and take the exam. So really, that’s not a good sign. But they were okay.
Not really. Nerves were mainly to blame. I was late for the first exam, everyone had already started, and my mind blanked… and the second exam was a motherfucker. My voiced faltered, I think I might have said some shit like ‘Southern Africa’ instead of ‘South Africa’, and overall, in my opinion, my performance today was lackluster. This was really fucked up.

I’m a bit upset about some stuff I wish not to rant about cause it would take me a good three hours to type up every word of my frustration, but it involves one of my closest friends and my realization of a hard fact I had been in denial of until now. Bottom line: she’s a bitch. Ya, I said it, and she’s a hypocrite. And she’s a Republican…

Men still suck. Yes, they do. And maybe so do women, but you guys, (YEAH, YOU!) are just unbelievable sometimes. I mean, fuck! Again, I will not go into detail because… well, I’m angry. Yes, I’m always angry.

Didn’t get to go to the Misfits’ show, which sucked balls. Instead, I stayed home, delved in the sea of my pathetic misery, and listened to the Misfits on iTunes. I did have fun, though. I remember jumping on my bed in my underwear sometime during Die, Die My Darling, and having so much fun… DIE, DIE DIE MY DARLING! So yea, I hate the people who got to go to the show, but… I sacrificed the Misfits in exchange of heaven. Perfection. Ecstatic delight and sonic rapture. Trent Reznor’s deep voice singing ‘I wanna f*ck you like an animal’ while humping the lucky-ass mic stand. Oh, fuck yes, missing the Misfits’ show was so worth it.

Me and my girlfriends are planning a roadtrip to the beach to unwind and shake the stress of this semester off of our systems. Hopefully, it will follow through. Yay, roadtrip! (so Legally Blonde, I know. Oh, fuck off, I’m a woman!)

Oh, and… I’M GETTING FUCKING PAID TOMORROW! HELLYES! Now I am even closer to god (pun intended). Colombia, here I come!

Okay, so really long rant. Hey, I’m liking this. I needed to let it all out. Even though I already did like three times at school with my friends. What can I do, I have so much to complain about!

Cat goes to sleep now. Kidding, Cat goes off to write her half-assed excuse for a novella. She probably won’t write, but it’s best to think she will, cause that would imply she’ll go to sleep so late for a good reason. (hehe, I had never referred to me in the third person… haha, so diva-like!)

Listening to: Mercury Rev – Goddess on a Hiway
Eating: Bread. I know, bad!
Drinking: Coke Zero


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