>I am going through a major computer crisis right now. Turns out, just now, my laptop’s power chord stopped working, and since my computer is an old rust bucket it doesn’t run only on battery. Shit. Fuck. Goddamn. Grrr! I ordered a new chord, and apparently, it’s gonna take about a week or so to get here, so… you know what that means? No computer for a whole fucking week! Haha, let’s see how I pull that off. The thing is, I wouldn’t be soooo depressed about this thing (well, maybe I would be) if I didn’t have to actually work on my computer. I mean, it just so happens I’m taking a super intensive workshop this whole week, and I have a fuckload of homework to do. On the computer. This sucks! My very good friend Lis (I love you, silly midget, and so does Hershey!) let me borrow her cord so I can do homework and check the Meathead Perpsective for some cheap laughs to cheer me up in all my despair, which is why I’m online. Thank her for this update. Fuck! And just now I was starting to slow down on the procrastination and I was actually writing! The planets aligned to send my good fortune down the toilet. Just fantastic.

Yet not everything was bad during this weekend. Yes, I was fucking bored, excommunicated from all of modern society, back to the ice age without technology, revamping my old boombox that had a layer of dust thicker than my finger so I could listen to The Downward Spiral and cheer myself up (I know, bad idea)… yes, life was cold this weekend. But on the bright side, I FOUND SOMEONE TO COME TO COLOMBIA WITH ME! YES! Now my best friend and I are going to see the Nails and party like rockstars in Bogota… all by ourselves! No doubt our NIN experience is going to be a rich one. HELLYES!

I need music, shit! I’m slowly dimming because I don’t have music to listen to! I mean, I do have my iPod, but it’s not the same. I’m in agony, I swear. Before the demise of my sweet little Toshiba Satellite a105, I was able to download New Mother, by the Angels of Light, which took me a good three hours to complete, but was so fucking worth every second. I got to listen to it just now, and I am already in love with it. I honest to God would follow Michael Gira to the depths of hell. Plus, I have this Girls Under Glass record (Equilibrium) that I have to review, so that should keep me busy for the rest of the day… or until five, which is when I have to go back to school and render the cord back to its owner. I am so sad!

I won’t be around for a while, I think. Not that anyone would miss me or anything, but I’m just saying… in case anyone reads this shit and wonders where I might be. Most certainly probably dying somewhere out of boredom, I assure you. But I hope I survive until the cursed new cord is here. Thanks UPS for super fast delivery!

Listening to: Angels of Light – Inner Female
Eating: Turkey bacon… yum
Drinking: O.J.


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