>Nachos, $100 dresses, and a whole lotta CHEWBACCA

>Today was a fun day, and I mean it not like “today I got my hands on some lovely Siouxsie and the Banshees album and I had fun listening to it while I bored myself to sleep.” No, it was more like “today I had fun with my girls and felt like my life was less of a drag than usual.” Seriously, today was a nice day. Wanna hear about it? No? Well, I don’t care anyway, so here I go.

I got dressed and went to school to register. Unfortunately, the system in this country is fucked up, I was supposed to wait in line for like two hours to pay $2 on bus fares. I mean, seriously, TWO FUCKING DOLLARS! Otherwise, I couldn’t register for classes this next term. Of course I’m lazy and didn’t wait, so I’ll have to play early bird tomorrow and go wait the fucking line at eight o’clock to finally register. And speaking of academic stuff, today I saw my final grades, and I passed last semester with top honors. Shit, I honestly think the woman at the office was bored and just wanted to fuck with the grades, cause there is no way in hell I could have passed simul with an outstanding 98.5. I mean, seriously, I am honest and have no problem saying I stink at simul, and I’m the first to admit I did like shit on the final, but… it’s not like I hate the 98.5, you know. If they don’t figure out the mistake, I won’t tell them either. Cause if it ain’t broken… So shhhh!

After I cut the line, I called up my good friend Chewbacca and woke her up from her mid-afternoon beauty sleep so we could hang out. I picked her up and we went to the mall to buy my mommy a birthday present. In the end, I got my mom a lovely card that I’m sure will make her cry, since she’s such a woman and cries a lot, and a nice present I’m sure she’ll love, which cost me a lot. But whatever, I’m sure my mom’s spent more on me in one day, I can do this for her. Heee.

Chewbacca called our friend Rabid Unicorn, and the three of us set ourselves to try out as many outfits as we could at every fucking store we found on our way. I got my hands on an absolutely gorgeous, classy, sexy, $100 silk dress that I was really determined to steal hadn’t I been stopped by the fact that I do have a conscience and I am actually kind of a good person. But next time the fucking conscience is staying home, cause I will NOT let that dress escape my grip again. I promise.
After ransacking all the cool stores, Chewbacca, Rabid Unicorn and Cat were tired, and since Rabid Unicorn is perpetually hungry, we wound up going to TGI Friday’s. Chewbacca and I said we would just watch her eat and just have a drink or something, but we have no willpower whatsoever, so, as expected, the three of us devoured a huuuuge platter of nachos, plus two pina coladas EACH (courtesy of the muchly beloved happy hour!), and diet coke. Haha, we wanted to fucking puke after we were done. But Rabid Unicorn is voracious, I mean famished, and she’s loaded, so she bought dessert. Chewbacca and I tried to act like we wouldn’t have any, and would just watch her stuff herself, as always, but her ‘pretty pretty please’ bought us again, and we had apple pie and some gossipy light chit-chat. Ooooh, that was fun.

Okay, so it takes so little to make me happy, so what? I love my girls, and I can always count on them for some cheap laughs and gossipy chit-chat. And dessert. And okay, so maybe today would cost me some weight gain, jiggly thighs and a light headache (because those pina coladas were kind of strong), but we had fun. This is exactly what I needed to relax and forget about the fact that, come next Monday, we will be descending into hell every night. Shit, I don’t even want to think about how horrible this next semester will be.

Cat is tired now and is off to sleep. Not really, but I just don’t wanna tell you what I’m gonna do later. It’s private.

Listening to: The Chameleons – Intrigue in Tangiers
Eating: Are you fucking crazy? After today, I won’t eat for three days!
Drinking: Water


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