>Top 10 albums…

>Okay, so I’m fucking bored and have nothing to do, and I’m purposely… er, postponing reading the scary WTO shit I was assigned to during vaca, and I don’t feel in a particularly energetic mood to go out and have fun, but rather to spend a quiet night with my cute puppy and my music library. Because that’s just how nerdy I am. And I’m so bored I want to resuscitate some old favorite albums and share them here… because it gives me the idea that someone actually gives a shit about my music. Haha, I know that’s stupid, but I am kind of stupid (sometimes), and mostly I AM BORED! so, here I go, I’m gonna kill another hour.

In the meantime, I’m going to list all the other music, the kind of stuff I listen to when I’m not listening to NIN, which would be about an hour a day altogether, that I think is worth mentioning, so that the wide portion of the planet that reads my posts learns a bit about good music. With your help, we will turn the world into a tasteful, music-educated place!
This is my top ten favorite albums. Check them out and if you don’t like them, go shoot yourself. Thank you.

10. Massive Attack – Mezzanine
Who knew Bristol was home to such a wicked cool genre of music! I mean, Bristol! I would expect that from New York, since it is my home at the end of the rainbow and all… but honestly, Trip Hop is hands down one of the most exciting genres to come out of the dreadful nineties. And this album, released in 1997, is one of the best in the whole fucking genre. One jewel after the other, no lie! Fully equipped with rock guitars, funky beats and Elizabeth Fraser’s voice, this album rocks from start to finish.
Recommended track: Inertia Creeps – It creeps me out how fucking amazing it is. My favorite Massive Attack track, no contest.

9. Lydia Lunch & Rowland S. Howard – Shotgun Wedding
The queen of goth punk, no wave, New York, and all things fucked up in general did it again. After the release of Queen of Siam in 1979, this lady made her mark in music as one of the pioneers in that weird genre of music she makes that I call Experimental for lack of a better description (and vocabulary). This time, she teamed up with former Birthday Party/Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds guitarist, Aussie Rowland S. Howard; and the result is a cocktail of explosive music that gives me goosebumps of how good it is. Post-punk guitars, Lydia’s trademark snark, and nine tracks displaying the amazing chemistry between these two individuals, and the result is one of the most thrilling albums I have ever come across.
Recommended track: Endless Fall – Fuck, this one is scary. One of the shortest in an album predominantly made of 5 minute long tracks, but it’s like the most evil of all nine.

8. Arcade Fire – Funeral
Okay, so I have already professed my devoted love to the Arcade Fire, because they are awesome, and even though some think they sold out, I don’t give a fuck, as long as they continue to blow my mind like they did with this little album. They have, so I have nothing bad to say about them. I love how this album sounds so experimental only because they use a mandolin or something like that. It really isn’t all that complicated, it’s just so well made it sounds like it is. I cannot complain about a single song on that album, they all have something that’s enchanting, freaky, fresh and vintage.
Recommended track: Rebellion (Lies) – Goddammit, this song features one hell of a buildup almost as good as that of Nine Inch Nails’ Eraser. Not that it’s anywhere near similar to Eraser’s, but it’s still chilling. Shit, I love this song.

7. Cat Power – We Are Free
Actually, this was a hard one. I mean, I don’t want to repeat myself by including the same artist twice here, because I have so many albums to include, and that would be pretty stupid. But it was hard choosing a Cat Power favorite. I was going to say Dear Sir, but then this one, although more modern and less… sulky, makes the cut by a nose. I love how every track on this album is classic Cat Power (puzzling lyrics, sad guitars, even sadder vocals), but has a new element that I cannot put my finger on but is charming. Features Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder on vocals on two songs, which I’m not exactly thrilled about, but… I think it works, so what the hell. And Cat Power is awesome, so yeah, it had to work.
Recommended track: Good Woman – One of the two tracks featuring Eddie Vedder, includes a choir of children or something like that doing backup vocals, which I love, love, love. I think that’s why I think this song is not as gloomy as it should be.

6. Interpol – Our Love to Admire
Different from Interpol’s previous releases, Turn on the Bright Lights and Antics, it includes a new element called a keyboard, and I love how that makes for some incredible mix. This super cool band from New York has captivated me since it broke into the music scene, and this album solidified their status of super talented group of New Yorkers. I love that they’re from New York. The Joy Division, Chameleons, Catherine Wheel influences are clear, and the evolution of the band is also noticeable.
Recommended track: The Scale – This is the most Chameleons-influenced track off of that album, I think, and I love the dramatic feel to it. Post punk revival never sounded so fucking great.

5. Cocteau Twins – Garlands
The debut album by this inspired band is definitely a must-have in any alternative music fan’s library. It’s the first hint into Elizabeth Fraser’s weird mind, and it’s the perfect example of how keeping it simple can lead to amazing results. You don’t have to be fucking Led Zeppelin to make good music. Most of the songs are build up on one recurrent motif, and the use of haunting guitars accompanying Fraser’s vocals is impressive indeed. Maybe the lyrics are fucked up, and it would take like a good psychiatrist and a whole think tank to make some sense out of them, but this band, and this album, are one of the precursors to and main influences in the shoegaze genre, and that is a huge accomplishment.
Recommended track: Shallow Then Halo – Weird, spooky, exciting, dreamy… the perfect soundtrack to my nightmares.

4. The Jesus and Mary Chain – Psychocandy
Honestly, I thought there was something wrong with this record the first time I played it. Like it was broken or something. And now that I love it, I cannot believe I was so stupid. The noise pierces my ears, gives me brain-splitting headaches, makes it hard for me to figure out the song, but it sure is rich. I mean, how can you not love this album, it’s so juvenile and happy and… crazy! These guys are awesome, I was going to include Darklands too on this list, but then again… not repeating myself is a bitch. And yeah, Darklands has the title track and Happy When it Rains and all of that, but this one has more noise, and as long as I can drive people nuts with my music, I’m happy. So this album, it was.
Recommended track: The Living End – “And I’m in love with myself!” haha, I love Jim Reid.

3. New Order/Joy Division – Substance
Haha, I cheated! Well, it’s not my fault both bands have an album called Substance. And it’s not my fault either that I love them both. Nothing compares to the amazing genius of Ian Curtis and his merry men, Joy Division is the perfect combination of punk energy and darkness. This is where goth was born, this is where post punk got its big break. This is where the best music ever made drew inspiration from. Although different, the two albums have an element of mesmerizing sadness and raw power. And while I cannot choose a favorite, I can honestly say that Joy Division has made some of the best music the world has ever seen, case closed.
Recommended track(s): Sub Culture – Shit, the reworking of this amazing New Order single made me go OMGWTFBBQ! I completely adore this one, and so should you. She’s Lost Control – Joy Division killed with this song. Nuff said.

2. Siouxsie and the Banshees – Juju
My favorite Siouxsie album, it includes my second favorite song by them, and my eleventh favorite song ever, Spellbound. I love how this is the first Banshees album that flirts with goth, and how it’s… different from anything else ever made. Shit, I love you, Siouxsie!
Recommended track: Spellbound – But you already knew that, right?

1. Ladytron – Witching Hour
Wow, this was tough. Choosing a fave was hard, but doable, and I did it. I cannot tell you how much I love this album, and this band. So, I will stop going off about how awesome it is and advise you that, if you know what’s good in life, you should get that album ASAP!
Recommended track: Destroy Everything You Touch – Saaaaawwwwwwweeeeeeeeeettttttt ttttttttt! This is the epitome of cool, the reason why I love this band.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Dig, Lazarus, Dig!
A new release, from 2008! This album incorporates elements of vintage Nick Cave (epic narratives, bluesy melodies, imminent sense of dread and insanity in every song) plus the more garage rock, guitar-driven influence of Nick Cave’s side project, Grinderman. This is probably one of the best albums of the year, and I am so bummed I won’t get to see them live supporting this album. Anyway, anything Nick Cave makes is gold, and after a string of gorgeous pieces such as From Her to Eternity, Your Funeral… My Trial, and Tender Prey, I am committed to preaching the messed up gospel of Nick Cave until the end of time.
Recommended track: Hold on to Yourself – This song makes me tear. Honestly, one time I teared to this song at the mall. Melody is flawless, lyrics disturbingly sad, and overall, this is one of the songs that I will have played at my funeral.

Here, my top ten favorite albums. If you’d like, go buy them, and if you’re a cheap fuck, go steal them or whatever. Just please give them a listen. They will blow your mind.

Listening to: Death in June – The Guilty Have No Pride
Eating: Yeah, right.
Drinking: Tea! again…


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