>The ubiquitous Ms. CR

>Haha, so I was gone for a week, and I consider myself VERY lucky to have survived a week without computer… it was boring and boring and boring but… meh, I’m here to tell the story. It ain’t a nice one.

However, right now I don’t feel in a particularly telling mood, so I will leave the blogging and the ranting for later. Ya, the lack of sleep is getting to my brain, so sad. But I will post some crap-ugly pics for people to indulge in. Basically, just another paparazzi-style photoshoot by my dear friend Grecia (Gre-CHA! in Italian haha) showcasing our extreme boredom and shortage of male specimens in the class… We seriously need to get some dudes, man. Too much estrogen.

This is what I was up to while the www was changing at a staggering pace and I had no way of figuring it out.

Starring… the usual suspects, ha. And me, in all my pale, shit-posing, awkward, glory.



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