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>Buonasera a tutti quanti. Haaaaa! There, my beautifully constructed Italian phrase of the day. I don’t even know if it’s all that grammatically correct and all, but I think even my dog knows I meant ‘Good evening everyone, ” so you get my point.

Life has been… er, let’s say… eventful, these last few days. Soccer, cocktails, pictures, computer back (about fucking time, fuck!), class, class, class until ten in the evening, very little sleep, lots of homework, frustration, dog poop, fights, more frustration, scarce tea, coffee, bad hair, chewbacca, being on stalker-watch-mode, the countdown, and more recently, sushi. Fucking A, man! In reality, I would much rather have this than nothing at all, so yeah, I’m not complaining.

Fuck yes, I’m complaining! I feel like a prize loser, I don’t even know why, but I do! And I have another fucking (less) useless workshop to attend to every fucking Saturday for the next two months. Except for the next one. Oh, and also on the second week of October, because this country loves me so much they made a holiday especially so I could go to Colombia and see Trent Reznor’s scrumptilicious chest hair in 3D. But yeah, waking up at seven AM on Saturday, probably after a ladies’ night, mojito extravaganza is not my idea of fun. But at least I had SUSHI! Oh fuck, that was the highlight of my whole week, I think. Well, not really, but it was pretty cool. Plus, I already BOUGHT MY TICKET TO COLOMBIA! Now talk about good news. Actually, I guess my day wasn’t so bad really. I’m just such a drama queen sometimes. Nevermind.

One of the great things about having my computer back is being able to start listening to good music again. And I know some fucking tight-ass republican bitch is probably going to crucify me (sorry, I hate Republicans, therefore, every person I dislike is automatically a Republican, regardless of their political views. Sorry.) for saying this, but I love music blogs, because they allow me to download without all the hassle of Limewire and torrents and seeds and leechers and motherfucks. Oh, shut the fuck up, music is free anyway! Plus, I don’t wanna fill the pocket of some corporate poacher troll who really has no clue how precious music really is. Seriously, if you wish to bother me, go stick your head up your ass, please, and leave me alone. Thanks a bunch! 😉

Well, I guess you know what this means. More music ranting! Yay! I got my hands (Firefox 3.0) on some juicy stuff that I, since I’m such a sweetheart, will share with you tonight. These are the five best albums I have sunk my teeth in, savored, and regurgitated over this past week so you can chew on them, swallow and absorb some healthy vitamins that are good for your soul. Good stuff, y’all.

The Gun Club – Fire of Love
This is one of those albums I always heard amazing stuff about and never really gave a chance. Like, I would find great, flawless reviews of this little piece all the time, which would be more than enough to lull a person into buying ten copies of the same record, but I always seemed to stumble upon something that would pique my interest and thus derail me from ever really sitting down to dissect this album. You know, my music priorities are kind of towards the more experimental, less country-like types, plus I was never a huge fan of the whole deathrock, punk blues, cow-punk, rockabilly style, and X never really got my favor, so… yeah, I was a loser, I know. But I did like that one song, Goodbye Johnny, which was about as much of a chance as I was willing to give these guys. And okay, so I knew that the great Kid Congo Powers (of The Cramps fame) was once a part of this band. And I also knew Patricia Morrison, member of the Gun Club, was at one point also member of the Sisters of Mercy’s touring lineup, as well as a permanent member of the Sisters’ offshoot, The Sisterhood. Actually, this was the reason I got some Gun Club tracks in the first place. And then, curiosity came into play and off I went to download Fire of Love. Shoot. Amazing, upbeat, yet spooky shit straight from L.A. Definitely A- at the very least. Jeffrey Lee Pearce’s voice is funny, but scary, and that’s a good combo.
Recommended track: Sex Beat – The kind of song I would like to wake up to every morning. Too bad that spot has already been filled by Nine Inch Nails’ Closer. Well, okay, I kinda have a thing for kinky stuff, so what?

Feist – The Reminder
Feist is one of my lesbian crushes, haha, and I’m not even into chicks. I swear. I’m not a lesbian. Oh shit. But yeah, I love this woman. And shame on me for not having this album. I had always steered away from it because it had that song from that one fucking stupid show, Gossip Girl, or as I’d like to call it, Cat’s only reason not to want to go back to NYC. But looking past the formulaic beats of 1234 and some predictability in others (I Feel it All, for instance), this is a pretty nifty album. It includes Limit to Your Love, which is probably my favorite Feist track, and it’s basically adding to the momentum of this very talented girl. So let’s see how far she takes it until she sells out and becomes Britney with a guitar. Anyway, I know she’s no Cat Power, but I bet they could make a grrrrreat band together. Just think about it, sulky, depressive Cat Power meets perky, lively Feist. Add guitars and voila! Magic!
Recommended track: Honey Honey. I love the slow tone of her vocals, I love the lyrics, I love the motif, I love the guitar riff, I love the fact that this song sounds so indie and that it will never, never stop being amazing.

VHS or Beta – Bring on the Comets
Wooohooo! Dance punk! Fuck yes, bring it on! New release, sort of… not really (2007), more pop-oriented than any of the previous VHS or Beta albums, which had been more indie dance before this ’07 release; it is made up of very basic, yet fun, melodious danceable pop and rock-like synths, which makes for a nice mix, in my opinion. If you like bands like The Rapture, ! (Chk Chk Chk, but these motherfuckers won’t allow the three exclamation marks together because they’re all stuck up bitches with a broomstick up their asses… and they probably are Republican, for all I know), Radio 4 and The Faint, you have earned my respect as a human being, and therefore I am pleased to introduce you to the world of VHS or Beta. If you don’t, then get the fuck away from me before your lack of taste gets contagious and I start listening to Miley Cyrus for my dose of dance punk. Seriously though, this is a sort of very cool band, so check it out. Reminds me a lot of New York’s Radio 4, and that’s a good thing, I suppose.
Recommended track: The Stars Where We Came From – Mmmm.. catchy, kind of depressing. Yum.

Modwheelmood – Enemies and Immigrants EP
Fuck yes, MWM! Alessandro Cortini’s electro-poppy Euro-dance little baby! NIN lite, in a way. Who would even think this happy synth music could accompany such dark, Reznor-esque lyrics? No one would even suspect that the quiet dude behind the keyboard at the insane Nine Inch Nails shows could hold such… weird sadness inside. Anyway, this is the kind of music I would listen to if I ever went on a roadtrip across the country, on a journey to find myself and discover the true meaning of life or some shit like that. Yeah, it just sounds like road music… I don’t know exactly what road music is, I pretty much just made that up right now, but it’s kind of how I perceive the songs on this EP. This is a rather old release, back from 2006, the second of the band’s all-EP output, and I think it’s the best by far. Not to disrespect the Pearls to Pigs volumes, but this one kicks all of their asses and stands on their faces victoriously. A true winner.
Recommended track: Money for Good – Kinda noisy, distorted at the beginning, then the song kicks off. It reminds me of a sunset, a bit. And home. Shit, I’m getting homesick… 😦

David Bowie – Scary Monsters (and Super Freaks)
I know! How could I live without this album! In my defense, I have memorized every bit of Ziggy Stardust and Low to exhaustion and Outside is also a staple in my music library; I have admired Bowie ever since my mom smothered my ears with Under Pressure and Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! back when I was too little to have a notion of time and space and age. I understand his genius, I admire his boldness and I am a fan of his chameleon-like style and his groundbreaking music, because no one will ever be Bowie, despite the enormous deal of inspiration this man had cast upon myriad people and the wide number of shameless copycats he has brought to existence. So no one can say I’m a bad Bowie fan. Even when I didn’t have Scary Monsters. Fuck off. This is a very nice album, full of textures, weird elements, modern electronic arrangements, trademark Bowie storytelling, pop sensibility, and Crystal Japan. Almost exactly the same song as Nine Inch Nails’ A Warm Place, only more upbeat and less… well, NIN. Anyway, Bowie is Bowie, I don’t even need to give my opinion of this album, there’s no way of disliking it, it’s like dissing God, if you are religious and stuff. If you’re not… well, just think of it as something you shouldn’t and can’t really do. There ya go!
Recommended track: Ashes to Ashes – Good shit, slightly more dramatic than your typical Bowie track, but very much pop and catchy and very fresh. No wonder Trent Reznor loves Bowie and loves this album.

There, five very special albums straight from my mouth into yours. Go do whatever you have to: steal, sell your body, sell your organs, sell your annoying little brother, just go get at least one of the sexy, yummy suggestions I’m giving you. Or not, and be ignorant for life. Your choice. Oh, and don’t act like you are buying the records, and then go on Limewire and get them for free. Fine, you can go steal them! See? I’m just so nice sometimes!

Listening to: Yeasayer – Waves
Eating: Chocolate cake and shameless guilt
Drinking: Water


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