>Side note: My internet sucks

>I can’t fucking go online without stumbling upon a tidal wave of trouble. It’s like the whole fucking world is conspiring to depress me to death. Fuck, fuck, fuck!

Still waiting for Reznor to issue a public apology for fucking canceling my fucking show and disappointing me along with a bunch other NINies. Yet, this would be easier if my internet STOPPED FUCKING UP!!! Since I can’t refresh nin.com every two seconds like I usually do, to check if Trent already apologized publicly (and personally to me, offering to buy me dinner, sushi maybe, and a night of hot, passionate… er, talking); I can’t tell whether he already did fucking offer his most sincere apologies to us unfortunate minions who didn’t, and probably never will, get to kiss his ass. I’m gonna go for a safe one and guess he already did. Because that’s what Reznor does, right? Gives out free music, says fuck a lot, bangs (not so) hot chicks, broods, gets cool haircuts, bench-presses… and apologizes when he disappoints his fans. If that’s the case, I have got to see that fucking apology. I’m gonna check if my internet works now… Nope, still fucked up.

Honestly, I don’t know what’s worse, my internet not working, or my shameless using of this means and this blog to continue my lazy procrastination. Fuckkkkkkk!!!

I’m gonna go now, I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to continue my hideous whining. In the meantime, I’m gonna procrastinate a little more and pretend I’m actually proofing and editing… Shhhhh!!! I’m working!

Listening to: Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat
Eating: Frustration, screams, tears, dust and bugs.
Drinking: Tea.


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