>So I am really sad, right? Because my concert got canceled and I won’t marry Trent Reznor for now, which sucks ass. Well, this is how I spent my first day of realization. Okay, so I won’t see Nine Inch Nails this year, so what? It’s not like it’s the end of the fucking world, you know? Plus, there’s always a next time, and I know Trent will marry me next time for sure. Oh shit, this just made it worse. Fuck…

Well, if anyone cares, this is how I started spending my NIN money. It’s not so bad, if you take a good look at it. (Warning: extremely shitty, pixely mobile phone pictures).

So I got a bob, so what?! It doesn’t look as horrible as my previous do, so I’m perfectly fine with it. Plus, it was a $100 bob, so I kinda have to like it, no questions asked. Shit, I’m so stupid, I just spent a fuck load of money on a haircut. Fuck, I am seriously fucking depressed.

Listening to: The Blackouts – Let You Down
via FoxyTunes


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