>Numbing the pain with Sushi and Laughs…

>My biatches are the best! Really! In fact, I love them so much I post their fucking ugly faces on this thing like every two minutes. Keeeeding, they are all the cutest, most beautiful, most annoying women this world has ever made, and I love them terribly for that. Last Thursday, I was in the pits, like in the deepest confines of hell, not even looking to get out because nothing really made sense anymore. Because Michael Trent fist-fucking Reznor decided he didn’t like me anymore and canceled my show. But then the mighty biatches used their super powers and voila! We were miraculously flown to ‘the cool sushi place’ and served a fucking huge platter of… well, sushi. Add mojitos and shits and giggles and pictures courtesy of our noted photographer (Chewby) Grecia, and things happen, you know? Like, moods start to go up, headaches begin to dim and depression retreats its ugly head. Yeah, of course it comes back when you’re out of sushi and out of mojitos and back home with your annoying little rat (very loveable French Poodle), but it was fun while it last. I honestly fucking love you chunks, chicks. Thank you.

Here are some pics from the sushi fest, so you can make fun of my crappy hair and my pasty face freely. Because I’m such a cool, laid back girl…

They were setting my sushi on fire!!!

Watch it!

See what I’m talking about? Hideous hair!

Mr. Wasabi with Carrot Wings

I fucking hate your fucking guts, Grecia!

Ooops! My bad…

Listening to: Cat Power – Metal Heart
via FoxyTunes


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