>Hair status: Manageable… for now/Weekly update

>I got a new do, which is awesome. You all know that, right? Well, the thing is, it would be as awesome as it’s supposed to be IF I had awesome hair… because yeah, that’s kind of how it works. But, there’s a tiny little problem here, which stops the awesome-fest from ever taking place: my hair sucks. See, I’m retarded; how the hell did I get a bob like that when my hair is wavy/curly/frizzy/yucky like that? I think the blame can easily fall on my depression and my mood and Grecia, though. So yeah, maybe I’m not (so) retarded. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that, if I want to look decent, I have to go to enormous extents to make yucky, frizzy hair stay in place. Not that I worry about that, since my hair is a complete rebel without a cause itself and I had already resigned to having bad hair for the rest of my life, but now that I cropped it by half of its original length, I need to make sure it looks okay, or else I’d look like a fruity dude, and that’s kind of grothesque. I’m all female, dammit! And, of course, since I am lazy, that is a major problem.

This took me about eight hours to accomplish:

Not as amazing as it would look if it had been done by a professional hairdresser, but… yeah, it looks passably OK, so I’m fine with it. At least I don’t look like a dude. Oh shit, I think I do. Fucking short do!

Oh, and I decided I will not post any more shit until I write a sexy, lengthy, informational review of the new TV on the Radio album, since I think I said that’s what I would do once I got over my NIN depression, so this post will be the last one. I was supposed to go on updates strike after the last post, about three days ago or so, but… I couldn’t resist it. My hair is a big deal, dammit! So there! I will have that review, or whatever number of poorly written, misconstructed paragraphs of my usual dumbass music rants that I dare to call a proper album review, more like, as soon as I get some free time from school and sleeping and worshiping Trent Reznor’s beefy, hairy arms, and listening to my Nine Inch Nails albums. Probably in a week or so.

Life has been stupid, as always. Midterms already. That fucked up bimestral mode sucks. I have two incredibly demanding, mind-draining homosexual exams on Tuesday, which of course will be stressful. Not really, but I bet I will pretend to be as stressed as the others are so I don’t look lazy and stupid. Heee. My Italian midterm was today, and I think I did okay. I think. I’m not worried, though, midterms are temporary and I don’t really screw up on them, so I’m relaxed.

I need to go out. Urgently. Unfortunately, the only night, and weekend I feel ‘in the mood’ to go out there’s a fucking curfew and no clubs or discos are open, because that’s how spiffy my life is. I’ll have to stay indoors and prepare for my midterms and sleep and, hopefully, write shit on this blog. I am fucking b o o o o o o o r e d ! ! !

Workshop on Saturday = torture. Sushi for lunch with Lisette (you promised!!! I don’t care how short of cash you are, you can always do the dishes if you don’t have enough to pay for your meal! I’ll help you out!), and maybe a movie… if we’re up for it. Oh God, please let it be true!

I have the fucking flu, so I sound like Darth Vader… still going through puberty. Haha, my sexy interpreting voice… And, since this flu is knocking me out as I write this (so blame my shit writing on the flu, ha!), I am going to hit the sack. But I’ll be back. Mwahahahahahaha!

Listening to: James Chance and The Contortions – Flip Your Face
Eating: Some yummy chocolate-covered pastry… tasted a lot like a mini doughnut… huh, what the hell was it?
Drinking: Water


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