>Got these lines on my face, after all this time, and I still haven’t found my place…

>Hello, I’m back. I have been absent from the world of blogging mainly because life was getting in the way of things and school kept just bitching about me not giving it enough attention and whining that I was being sooooo neglectful and stuff… you know how school is, always finding something to bitch about. But I’m here tonight, because… yay!!! Officially, I’m 20 now.

I would explain, in detail, why I hate being 20, but I’m a bit short of time – again, school is demanding my attention. Fuck, I wish I could just get rid of it… – so I’ll leave that for the next steamy episode of my bloggy soap opera. Just give me another day of frustration and I’ll be able to produce a whole novel on the disadvantages of being 20. For now I’m just going to post some crap-ugly pics of me and my awesome friends having some stupid/awesome fun tonight. I would post better pics, but my luck is sooo damn incredible – now that I’m 20 it’s even better – that I lost a bunch of really good shots. REALLY GOOD fucking shots. Yeah, I’m angry. I even fucking cried today! Not a good way to start another year of life… But that’s how it usually goes. It isn’t an actual birthday of mine until I shed a tear. Trust me, I’m used to crying on my birthday. But that’s for another installment, as I said.

I’m going to bed now, hoping tomorrow brings more fun, less boredom, singnificantly less ignorance, and at least one bit of love for me. Awww, that was actually sweet.

Oh, a big thanks to everyone who remembered. I love everyone who cared enough about me to call or text or send smoke signals wishing me a happy birthday. In all seriousness though, a sincere thanks to you all. Thank you. There.

Here are the pics I promised to scare you with. Behold!

With Pablo and half of Kyra’s blurry face.

Oh, that’s much better.

Kyra’s dream come true.

With Pablo and his super duper cool gf, Desire. And yes, I’m stupid, I forgot to turn on the flash. Sorry!

The lovely couple. You guys are just the right amount of sweet!

I suck at taking pictures, seriously.

Hey kitty… yeah you.

Listening to: The Faint – I Disappear
Eating: Are you fucking kidding me? I still feel like I ate a horse today!
Drinking: Nothing, but I can still taste the cafe latte I had tonight. Shit, I ate a whole fucking lot today.


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