>… And I thought I was safe because Grecia forgot her camera. Turns out, someone else was cruel enough to whip out theirs and shoot me in the most compromising, unflattering situations at Gia’s birthday party. Well, I don’t know you, Person who took the pics, but I don’t like you. And by the looks of it, you don’t like me either. Not one single bad pic of anyone, just me. Eff you, Person, I had fun! And I wasn’t even THAAAT drunk!

Okay, maybe a little (understatement of the century).

One. Bad. Pic.



What the hell, Lisette?

Awww, I love this one! This pic deserves to be framed and hanging on my wall! I luv ya, midget!

Looove this one! Good one!

I’m guessing that’s my scalp.

I am going to assume Person who took the pics was drunk when they took this.

Aaaaanyhoooo, I suppose it wasn’t all that bad after all. I did enjoy laughing my ass off looking at those pictures. So, I thank you, person, for giving me more crap to post on this blog thingee! In the end, it all comes down to…


(A little treat for you)

(Another one…)



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