>Thank You!



(I am thankful for… passing simul, Nash, my Chewbaccas, Hershey, my great new friends, that one guy who made me smile for like a minute before turning into a complete cunt, The Slip, iLike, Sara Benet, the interwebs, Obama’s win, flat irons, the Meathead Perspective, sushi, Italy, Italian dudes, money, freedom, the TR Appreciation and Photo Thread, music, music, music, music, music, (folk) music…

Michael Trent Reznor and his great physique, beautiful mind and endless talent. Oh, and the derriere extraordinaire. Seriously, dayummmm.

… and for the fact that each day I have a new opportunity to dream away and hope that things will be perfect. I’m thankful for being here, not there, with you and not them, in a place I truly call home, instead of a land I will forever reject.)

Some treats:

*horribly photoshopped images courtesy of Meathead.

Listening to: The Beatles – Strawberry Fields Forever
via FoxyTunes


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