>I’ve been feeling quite bloggy over these past few days, and since my last post, not too long ago, I’ve felt the weird urge to come back to this site and rant some more. Because that’s how I avoid doing things that actually matter. Indeed, there’s homosexual homework that needs to be done and won’t do itself, there’s tons of responsibilities I sadly can’t wiggle my way out of, there’s a hungry pup waiting outside my door demanding that I not let him die of starvation. Yet here I am, just because I like you people so much.

Today I’m feeling deep, though. No, I won’t rant about Trent Reznor’s super yummy arms, or his thunder thighs, or the fact that he’s most likely creeped out by people making comments like these about him. No, I won’t touch upon that issue today. Because today I’m feeling like… like real real deep, you know?

I’ll just leave you with a video that says it better than 10000000000000000 words.

Yes, he’s just delicious.

Alas! I got news to deliver! Good ones for a change! Yesterday I found my happy place, and I’m proud to say I didn’t find it anywhere near a certain folk called Jose Cuervo. Yay!!! So let’s celebrate that Cat is happy again, shall we?

Part of my involvement with my school -which I would ordinarily refer to as slavery, but since I found my happy place, I won’t- requires me to proactively participate in all the major events that this rathole… er, institution organizes. It’s supposed to include lots of perks, but unless I get an A+ in simul courtesy of my school thanking me for being involved, I don’t believe in such quote, perks, unquote. But basically, I’m like school royalty, and given that royalty on this side of the pond actually have things to do, as opposed to in Spain or England, I have extracurriculars up my ass. You might wonder what this has to do with me finding my happy place, or with anything whatsoever. You might assume I’m being random as I am most of the time. You might actually not be too far off. The thing is, yesterday I found the true meaning of Christmas.

I was forced by my slave masters from school to attend a meeting on Saturday, but what I learned yesterday made me see the point of Christmas, that which I had missed since I became such a sarcastic little bitch. So, thanks to one of those Christmas miracles or whatever, I’ll be helping nearly 400 underprivileged children have a merry little Christmas on the nineteenth. That’s what I learned yesterday, in case you were wondering.

Now, everyone knows I’m the world’s biggest Scrooge, and I do not believe in things like charity and community work; not because I think they’re wrong, but because I find myself so unfit and awkward for them I would much rather stay out of them. And because I really really hate kids. Yet somehow, being able to spend an entire day making little kids happy didn’t seem like such a deranged idea after all. It filled me with a warm, fuzzy feeling I hadn’t had in years. It made me feel like I could be useful and give those kids at least one taste of happiness, or at least just put a smile on those bratty, snot-soaked faces for a minute. Awww, that was actually quite sweet. If I wasn’t so goddamned emotional these days, I wouldn’t know myself.

Yes, that’s my happy place. I can’t even tell you how excitedly I’m looking forward to that day. Everything seems just so pretty and nice and perfect, I would kill my puppy to be able to spend more than only a day there. Things aren’t exactly peachy for me right now, but for some strange Christmas voodoo, santeria, whatever, I’m actually smiling. Yes, an actual smile. Fuck, my head hurts, but I’m smiling.

By the way, now that I remembered my shitty week, I want to take a minute to thank everyone who has showed me any kind of support through these rough couple of days. Thank you, I love you all and thank you. If Christmas miracles actually exist, and I’m starting to believe they do, you will all get everything you want this holiday, even if you’ve been bad all year. If Santa exists, and I’m sure he will like me after the nineteenth, I’ll ask him to toss away the lump of coal he had saved for you guys, and give you whatever you want. Seriously, a big thanks and a kiss and hugs and much love.

I understand it’s a shock, but yes, I’m actually very happy and calm and peaceful right now. Now, where is that chainsaw I wanted to hurt some people with???

(Anger has momentarily ceased due to the holiday season).

Listening to: Siouxsie & the Banshees – Voodoo Dolly
Eating: A fucking disgusting pill for my fucking pain-in-the-ass headache.
Drinking: Water.


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  1. >That video is indeed delicious. It’s not until about the 2:20 mark that it starts to make me a bit…uh…squirmy in my chair. Our old parent site WearingTheseChains is down for the moment but once Gabriel gets it up and running again there is a “Trent Reznor: Asking For It” pictorial evidence post that you simply MUST read.

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