>All I Want for Christmas Is…

>As I mentioned on a previous post, I was looking forward to today because I expected to fix my life with selflessness and love and children and the goddamned Christmas spirit, which about a month ago I would have thought impossible, and depending on the mood, even laughed at myself for having such juvenile thoughts. Well, I did fix it. Today was by far the best day of my whole year.

First off, I’d like express the truck load of glee filling my heart right now. Honestly, nothing can even compare to the enormous amounts of nice feelings I’m having as I type. It’s the kind of thing that almost makes you believe that Israel and Palestine can make up and be BFFs. I never thought helping little kids have a merry little Christmas could so much as move me, much less potentially erase every last drop of misery off of me. But again, that’s life’s little sneaky way of showing me what a dumbass I am most of the time. A sincere thanks to everyone involved, from sponsors to that annoying dumb broad organizing the whole thing. Really, all y’all deserve to get all your debts paid. You’re awesome, and since I’m the queen of awesome, everyone knows I’m most right.

Second, a special shout-out to my dear friend Rommy, for being such a wonderful partner, ally, baby-sitter… *cough cough* hitchhiker, and person. Thank you sooooo much for taking care of my kid while I was having my little shoe incident (that’s what I get for wearing platforms, doh!). Dinner totally on me next week! Thanks to my ubiquitous midget, the best dwarf friend a grumpy bitch could ever wish for. Lisette, I love you lots and lots, and today I realized just how much I admire you. You know you’re my role model, and you know we’re gonna take over the world one Canadian province at a time! Also, Diana, you’re the sweetest chick I know! And you’re also the skinniest! Damn you!!!

I am so exceptionally tired today I can barely move, and I’m sure next morning I’ll be as fucking stiff as a redwood. My feet are still throbbing from a whole day of walking around, running, wandering in search of water, etc. My hair looks like the steamiest pile of crap, and my skin is hopelessly screaming for help. I would much rather not look at myself right now, but unfortunately I have mirrors and I can still see with both eyes. I am honest to God not lying when I say I have never looked so crappy. But what today meant to so many people, what I helped, even in such a tiny, microscopic way, to accomplish, allows me to find beauty in every ache, every strand of stringy, greasy hair, every ring under my eyes. I do not, by any means, look beautiful, but I feel good, and that’s enough. I’ll put on some makeup tomorrow and everything will be back to normal 😉

Finally, I am going to post some pics that, with any luck, will convey all these warm, fuzzy feelings I just talked about.

Lisette and I regretting getting up so early… yesterday didn’t help much 😉

Before the kids arrived.

Rommy and Lisette and an eighth of me.

On our way to get our kids.

With our lovely chicks.

Look, it’s Rommy’s little sister, Dora!!!

Hot model guy, aka Perfect Dude number 1687, and his kid. Gorgeous body, insanely pretty eyes, attitude, AND he’s good with kids! Oh… maybe he’s stupid, but who cares!!!

My nose looks big :/

Yours truly looking like a retard while these kids boarded a plane for their first flight EVER. (Seriously, that was a true Christmas miracle, the most beautiful idea they could ever have).

On the ASSpotlight… oops!

Inside the aircraft.

Some Avril Lavigne look-alike singing some emo/pop-punk, teenage bullshit. No hating, though. I’m feeling nice today.

Diana and I looking like we needed some water. And a break.

To wrap up this lovely day, each of the kids had to write a wish on a piece of paper, then tie it to a balloon, and once the clock hit the four PM mark, they would all release them, letting their wishes fly up to the sky and go straight to the Lord (people in South America are very religious, but you probably know that already). That was indeed a touching moment.

Helping our kids with their balloons…

Okay here we go: One, two…


… And so, the kids’ wishes reached the hands of that who they believe in, and they smiled content at the thought of their dreams coming true.

I will be eternally grateful to those who made me a part of this, for giving this alien the chance to feel more at home than she ever has. And thank you, my cutest girl Genesis, for being such a quiet, friendly, un-childish kid. I know you will get presents this Christmas, and you will be very happy, as you wished.

Listening to: Von Südenfed – Flooded
via FoxyTunes


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