>Oh hey…

>Merry Christmas to you, too. Kind of hypocritical of you to be sending me your best wishes now, but… I’m passive, and stupid, so the best I can do right now is read and wonder… and ponder. I would reply, see, but you consider me a threat to your already frail (understatement, anyone) mental health, and deemed extremely necessary to block me, put a shield around yourself and alienate me from your life, so I can’t. I understand you, I’m dangerous and I can hurt you. Very wise of you to do that. I’m okay, if you care to ask. I don’t care to ask how you are because, rumor has it you’re doing wonderful. That’s lovely…

Oh, hey… your bland, emotion-less, minimalistic
Merry Christmas was as unconvincing as O.J. Simpson’s ‘not guilty’ plea. It did shit for me and if you were trying to show off your good Christmas spirit and act like it’s all forgiven and forgotten, well… I have nothing to be forgiven for, and I do not seek your forgiveness anyway. So, just cut the shit out and leave me alone. I don’t like Christmas and I no longer like you; your best wishes and your phony innocence won’t move me this time.

Try again after I have a lobotomy.

Listening to: The Beatles – The Beatles’ Seventh Christmas Record
via FoxyTunes


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