>On a More Serious Note…

>It’s very sad to deliver such news, but I have just found out that former Stooges guitarist, Ron Asheton died. Not only is this bad because I had lots of respect for the guy, but also because I find his death premature and unfair.

His career began in the sixties when he and his brother, Scott, joined the seminal proto-punk band The Stooges, along with drummer Dave Alexander and fronted by the batshit-cuckoo James Osterberg, aka Iggy Pop. The rest is rock & roll history, which with all its ups and downs and hits and misses, evidences and praises the unprecedented raw talent of these four individuals. I particularly admire (Ron) Asheton’s will power, his dedication and commitment to his work, all of which were strong enough to veer him away from the doomed path of drugs and perdition that his bandmates had succumbed to. Ron Asheton’s career continued after the demise of the Stooges, showcasing his talent in the form of other projects, be them soundracks, cameos in films, new bands, collaborations with fellow musicians; and I am sure he had more to offer to the world, more talent to display in the years to come that he unfortunately took with him the day the fatal heart attack caused his passing.

It’s sad to hear that one of your personal heroes has died. It’s even sadder to hear that their lifeless body laid unnoticed for days before anyone found it. All I can do now is grieve and hope no one goes through that ever again.

From the left: Scott Asheton, Ron Asheton, Dave Alexander and Iggy.

Wikipedia: The Stooges

Ron Asheton, you will be missed.

I was going to rant and squeal and fangirl about Trent Reznor’s belated ‘super special holiday gift’ but after reading this sad news, I’m just gonna go to bed and hope I wake up in a better mood next morning. I can always rant tomorrow. Unless I die like Mr. Asheton… (I’m such a dumbass sometimes…) In the meantime, I recommend everyone give Fun House a listen. That is the album that made me love the crap out of the Stooges, and Ron Asheton for that matter.

Oh, a friend asked me to be a bridesmaid at her weeding! Yay!!! Too bad it’s in Briton land.

Listening to: Ladytron – The Reason Why
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(I am in a mournful mood, so no music today).


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