>Some (useless) thoughts on Inauguration Day

>Thank goodness people started using their brains again and made the right choice after eight years of poor decisions, disappointments, meltdowns and “misunderestimations.” I have faith in humanity again. Not really, but I’ll try and be less critical of you fellow humans from now on. I feel happy and inspired and hopeful. Goddamn, Mr. Obama is one hell of a good public speaker. Seriously, I wouldn’t mind interpreting him (simultaneously) for the rest of my life! And I HATE HATE HATE simul!

Yay! I got Barack’d!!!

… Some love for El Rezzo too, as always.

(Get your own at obamicon.me. You have to register first and it’s a bit of a hassle, but it’s kind of cool after that).

Oooooh… this was such a beautiful day. It almost made me want to voluntarily do homework.

Listening to: Wire – Former Airline
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