>Today, February 16th, 2009…

>… Is Mama Silvana’s Birthday.


On behalf of your kiddos, the T&I crew, I wish you a wonderful time in the Dominican Republic. No one deserves this more than you do. We love you because you’re wise and smart and serious and motherly, and a closet perv, and you always know how to make us smile. You’re an extremely sexy mama, there’s no limit to your generosity, and your excellent taste in music has impressed many, even your kid daughter, aka ME. What’s there not to love about you?

Of course, there are pics from last Friday, at this lady’s 36th B-day bash:

The birthday woman with the engaged mosquito and the annoying little daughter =D

First cocktail of the night…

LOL, who in the motherfuck took that picture???

The fun crew.

Sara!!! Finally, we got to party with you!

Watch it mama, that’s an engaged man!


Thanks for the shitty pic, Giorgio!

Haha, that’s a total “bitch, please” face.

*sigh* That was a great night. Have fun in the Caribbean, Silvana!!

Listening to: Psapp – I Want That
via FoxyTunes


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