>A Note to the Flawed Species:

>Hey fucker(s), guess what? Someone outdid you. So suck on that!

Really, I’m at a loss for words right now.

Thank you.

Listening to: Agrypnia – A Song for Catherine (harmony 2)
via FoxyTunes


4 thoughts on “>A Note to the Flawed Species:

  1. >Heh, I noticed FoxyTunes seems to think the most likely band responsible for that song there is either this guy or something called "DJ Clro & Gianni Agry", of which I've never heard. Hm, I wonder what the melody would sound like if an Agrypnie-style harmony was put to it… ? 😉

  2. >lol, “something called…” That Agrypnie person looks awfully goth. Oops, it’s black metal. Ugh, thank goodness it’s not you. If I was you, I’d send them Foxy Tunes peeps a note telling them to f*** off. Black metal, ew.

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