>*I can’t think of a name for this playlist right now but I know what it’s for*

>This is just fucking awesome. I’m being haunted by the evil spirits of heartbreak again. It had been a while since I bid them farewell and told them not to return, but now they’re back, paying me an unexpected visit yet again. Now I’m utterly lost, baffled and… um, kinda sad. Huh… So, I made a playlist, hoping that it would distract me. It kinda did, but then I realized making playlists only takes like ten minutes, maybe longer if you think carefully, but I wasn’t really so it was less than ten minutes. The spirits returned. So I thought I should give my music rants another shot. Because I need to distract myself with whatever. If there were any colorful flowers or weird bugs I could look and giggle-snort at, I would, but all those urban planning projects, and my reckless disregard for any sort of being that doesn’t emote, just ruined that for me.

Evil Spirits of Heartbreak Go Away Playlist:

HEALTH – Courtship
For some reason, I thought these guys were like Crystal Castles before I got their self-titled. Oh, right, HEALTH and Crystal Castles are like butt buddies or something, and you can’t so much as think about one nowadays without thinking of the other. Well, they ain’t shit like CC, they’re noisier, freakier and one of them is way hotter than both halves of CC combined. On second thought, maybe they are a bit similar to CC, I just don’t get it cause I’m not hipster enough. Nice debut album, though.

M83 – Farewell/Goodbye
The last time I listened to that song, and that whole album, Before the Dawn Heals Us, I cried like a ten year old that’s just seen their grandma’s naked naughty bits. I’m a wimp, okay, so maybe that takes a bit from the album’s legit ability to move people, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there at all. Everything is so meticulously well placed, so carefully put together to make you cry. Anthony Gonzalez is the ultimate post-rock/electronic emo, and this album is beautiful electronic sadness.

The Black Ghosts – Repetition Kills You
One of those word-of-mouth-famous indie bands that everyone loves cause they’re indie and kewl, and I just had to include it here cause this song is fun as hell! From the gutter-like loins of THE ultimate hub for good, hip music, the UK, these guys are as fresh and original as the average indie synth band. That doesn’t mean they’re bad, though. It’s just that my standards are kind of low and I like every new synth band out there. So, on that basis, these guys rock. They sometimes do. This song does.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Kiss Kiss
This sweet treat can be found on DA BEST EP of these last few years. This outstanding release was made by one of the most inspiring bands of these last few years. This outstanding band hails from NYC, one of the most amazing places to ever grace the face of this fucked up planet. These guys have everything working for them, then. They sound so good in this record, every time I listen to it I wanna go have dirty sex with someone and then smack them and move on to the next adventure. It’s energetic, smutty, garage-rock and veeery sexy.

Goldfrapp – A&E
I’m gonna tone it down with this little number, from another kewl Brit. You know how there’s some songs that remind you of a nice moment in a movie, more often than not a romantic, emotional moment? This song qualifies as romantic emotional moment music. Every time I listen to it I go back to all the chick flicks I’ve ever watched (saying a lot is really an understatement) and I get a funny, tingly feeling inside. This could be good and bad. Now it’s good. Mostly good. What’s kinda funny about it is that, off the top of my head, I can’t recall ever hearing this song in any movie at all. Huh…

Kings of Leon – Closer
Wow. Wow, oh my god, holy crap. Why did I even hate the Kings of Leon before? Clearly, this song is the work of a genius, and whoever says it isn’t… well, is clearly screwed up in the head. Nice lyrics, nice arrangements, cool vocals. What really gets me is that it’s a fantastic opening track… which turns out to be one of the few highlights of an album filled with mostly wishy-washy three-minute pop tracks. If only that piece of genius formula was repeated a time or two in the album, you’d be looking at my new second favorite band.

Lisa Hannigan – Venn Diagram
This woman is definitely my favorite indie folk singer/songwriter of the year. I cannot believe this girl turned out to be so good. I got a taste of her fragile, haunting voice thanks to sad piano guy Damien Rice, who sort of took her under his wing and made her his official backup singer or something. Now she’s on her own and coming strong. Her first solo effort is a cute little amalgam of textures and images and… knitting, with a lot of sweetness and plenty of angelic vocals. This is what I’d call rain music, though I could really enjoy it on a sunny day.

The Duke Spirit – Neptune’s Call
Woohoo!!! I can sure make some fun memories with this song, and this whole album, Neptune, playing in the background. Sounds like the perfect soundtrack for a fun chase scene, Run Lola Run-style.

Brazilian Girls – Rules of the Game
Fuck, back with the sexiness. This song has samba written all over it. It also has a minute sprinkle of rock & roll to it that, combined with the synthesizers and the Brazilian beats and the sexy voice turns this song into a coolness cocktail of mindblowing proportions. Cheers!

The Knife – Marble House
I added this song cause I had a dream the other day about underwater trucks and flights of stairs and wet cellphones where I actually remember hearing this song, and singing to it. That was weird, but then again, this song is weird. Hell, this band is fucking weird, and instead of working against them, the weirdness makes them all that much cooler. Karin Dreijer has a weird accent, and sometimes I wonder if all Swedes speak like that, cause if that’s the case, I’d love to spend some time in Sweden, only to secretly make fun of them natives. I don’t think the accent is that strong, but in Dreijer it sounds lovely! Oh, this reminds me… check out Karin Dreijer’s solo project, Fever Ray. It’s just like The Knife, only a teeny bit scarier, lots weirder and… er, a bit more monochromatic. Plus, it doesn’t include a whole lot of her shit remixing brother Olof, so it’s cool.

New Order – Sunrise
Cause it reminds me of a certain individual that I care about — because I introduced such individual to New Order and opened their eyes to all of NO’s sonic gorgeousness, — because this song is special and reminds me of Joy Division’s New Dawn Fades for some odd reason. Because I have good memories of listening to that song at 11 PM on the bus back home, looking out the window into the pitch black, starless December sky. Because this is probably one of their sexiest songs ever. Because it’s New fecking Order, I don’t need to give any more reasons.

Fuck it, I’m not sad anymore. Now I’m fucking pissed. Should I make a pissy mood playlist, it will appear on here within the next thirty minutes, if I’m not entertained somewhere else strangling innocent passersby. Fuck fuck fuck, why the hell am I so fucking curious, FUCKKKK!!!

FUCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!11 #$%^&*()$%^&* fuckfuckfuckfuck!

P.S. Hair is back to normal, should post pics soon. Kthnxbye.

Listening to: Coil – Penetralia


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