>On Maturity

>There comes a time in everyone’s lives when you just know things are about to change completely.

I had mine a while ago but I’m starting to see the results now.


  • I have the most awesome job ever! I get to wake up before six AM, suck it up like a real woman and work hard for the money! It’s such a dream come true! And they have a dress code, which is cool cause dress codes are super awesome, LOL. [/sarcasm]
  • I can make my own financial decisions and get indebted without feeling like a huge snow ball (pushed by my mother) will destroy me. (see above)
  • I don’t care how many friends I lose anymore. True ones will stick around. Or not, but I still have the people I care about around, and I’m sure they won’t ever leave me so I don’t care. They better not.
  • (Male) Friends are friends and should always be friends. Just friends.
  • Dreams are a nice, easy way to make yourself happy, and it’s really cool when they come true. Not so much when they’re crushed under life’s huge, stinky paw, but when you wake up the next morning and a new dream is born, your faith is restored. Having said that, dreams usually suck cause only one in a million comes true.
  • Santa doesn’t exist, boohoo.
  • Grey’s Anatomy still sucks.

… Now, isn’t that mature? =/

P.S. I have been recently informed that I’ll be seeing M.T. Reznor & Co. in NY on June 7th, so I don’t give a shit about maturity right now, I’m still squealing like a little bitch. Weeeee!


Listening to: New Order – Dreams Never End
via FoxyTunes


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