>You Know What Else?

>I really hate Vampire Weekend. All those pansies/VW-loving hipsters can just suck my cyber-dick.

Liking The Beatles is easy and overrated. Saying you’re a Beatles fan gives you way more credibility than you probably deserve. Sure, The Beatles were awesome, no breaking news there. Try saying Lydia Lunch is awesome and proving it. There are other equally talented artists out there who don’t get the recognition they deserve, but one thing is truly liking The Beatles and having a taste, and another is not having a strong enough opinion to dare like something else.

I am obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy-ish, chick-friendly indie bands, because I am a chick and there’s nothing better than a silly pseudo electronic, female-fronted indie band and a crappy rainy day to make you feel like absolute shit. I wish I could stop listening to stuff like that, but I’m a fucking sadist and I don’t like myself on occasions. Like, right now.

I am obsessed with the music of Grey’s Anatomy. (see above) I am obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy, period. God, I wish I could grow a fucking taste for once and for all.

Sonic fucking Youth is one of the most amazing bands in the history of amazing bands.

Gut-wrenching song of the day: Fleet Foxes – Tiger Mountain Peasant Song. Holy hell, I’m depressed.

I still hate everything, except for one thing: The Fragile. Best album ever made.

And that’s it.

Listening to: Cocteau Twins – In The Gold Dust Rush
via FoxyTunes


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