>Wow. I am in shock. I have reached a critical Twitter/Blip point. Fifty-one tweets & blips in less than 24 hours. Fifty-fucking-one, and more are likely to come within the next few hours. I need help. I’ve become everything I disliked about Twitter.

BTW, I’m extremely obsessed with the Black Kids today. Not quite as obsessed as I am with MGMT’s Kids, or Loquat… ages away from being as obsessed as I am with NIN, but an obsession is an obsession nonetheless. This one is a very silly, girly one.

*** EDIT: Ok, so some of those fifty-one tweets & blips are from today too, but it’s still fucking ridiculous. I should just put myself out, I’m ashamed of myself here!

Now playing: Black Kids – Look At Me (When I Rock Wichoo)
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2 thoughts on “>Evolution

  1. >lol nah, it was a fun night! i tweeted the night away and found some great music to listen to. that’s probably the best saturday night i’ve had in months!

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