>I don’t give a damn about my…

>This just happened literally about three minutes ago via email:

NY pal: are you going to the nine inch nails concert on sunday ???? hahahaha!

Cat: haha totally!!! how did ya know?

NY Pal: hahahaha!!! cuz you’re the type of fan that would travel to just watch them….lol! and cuz i chatted with — and she mentioned something like that and i think i saw somewhere ur profile with NINJA….hahahaha! so thats cool. alrighty girl so i’ll see u on friday.

Uh… okay. Looks like I got a rep for being a freakishly obsessive fangirl. Huh…

Reznor better be playing Sin on Sunday. And maybe Physical too.

… Oh yeah.

I’m going to NY tomorrow!!!

So I guess I’ll probably see ya kids when I’m back in hell, er… GYE, which is next Tuesday. I’ll bring lots of pics and videos and bruises and new clothes. So until then, ta-tah.

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