>My Two Cents’ Worth on…

>… The Dead Weather’s Horehound.

(from Wikipedia)

1. “60 Feet Tall” Dean Fertita/Alison Mosshart 5:33
2. Hang You from the Heavens Fertita/Mosshart 3:39
3. “I Cut Like a Buffalo” Jack White 3:28
4. “So Far from Your Weapon” Mosshart 3:40
5. Treat Me Like Your Mother Fertita/Jack Lawrence/Mosshart/White 4:10
6. “Rocking Horse” Mosshart/White 2:59
7. New Pony Bob Dylan 3:58
8. “Bone House” Fertita/Lawrence/Mosshart/White 3:27
9. “3 Birds” Fertita/Lawrence/Mosshart/White 3:45
10. “No Hassle Night” Mosshart/White 2:56
11. “Will There Be Enough Water?” Fertita/White 6:20

60 Feet Tall: I like. Guitar work is ok, though knowing hobo asshole Jack White probably played it kinda takes a bit of the coolness away from it. Good opening track.

Hang You from the Heavens: Shouldn’t have been a single. Generic, doesn’t stand out majorly. Not a filler track either.

I Cut like a Buffalo: Bahahahaaaaaa, here it is, the buffalo song. I mean, what else would you expect, it was written by lyrical genius Jack White, it was meant to be a turd from the get-go. THAT being said, the beat is rather cool. Just sayin’.

So Far from Your Weapon: Retro. Reminds me of the classic sixties shit my friend Daniela listens to. That doesn’t mean it’s bad. It doesn’t mean it’s good either. Okay, it’s good-ish, kind of. It’s Alison fucking Mosshart, of course it’s good.

Treat Me like Your Mother: I don’t know, this sounds like it belongs on the School of Rock soundtrack. I enjoyed it quite a bit, though it gave off a weird TV on the Radio / 311 vibe at times. That’s not bad, not at all (except that 311 shit, those guys really SUCK!), but not what I’d expect from these dudes. Oh, and I guess we should establish that they’re no Bob Dylan, their lyrics are… meh. And I thought Trent Reznor wrote crappy lyrics…

Rocking Horse: White Stripe-ish. Not even the ‘good’ White Stripes. This could as well be a Seven Nation Army remix. All they’re missing is the shit drumming and the incestuous tale and thery’re good to go.

New Pony: Nice take on a Dylan classic. Someone needs to teach Jack White a few more chords on the guitar, I can’t help feeling like he uses the same riffs and solos every fucking time. I know this is Jack White, I’m almost sure. Mosshart’s voice is fucking sick, holy shit!

Bone House: Okay, finally, I hear Dean Fertita’s keyboard on this record. Okay, maybe my ears are not educated enough so I didn’t catch it before, in which case, my bad. Deafening noise+sick vocals+keyboards=amazing (see The Horrors). However, here it’s only passably ok. What the fuck.

3 Birds: Another White Stripe-ish track, except that I like this one much better than the previous one. Maybe cause it’s an instrumental and it sounds like chase scene music. The first part, that is. After that we’re back to okay White Stripe-ish.

No Hassle Night: Lazy, attempts to sounds like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs but ends up sounding like Lenny Kravitz. Gets me hyped up but fails to close the deal and I’m left high and dry. It’s not bad, it just had the potential to be amazing and wasn’t. Because Jack White was involved, methinks.

Will There Be Enough Water?: All I can think of is Texas. Road trip across the country, driving along dusty roads in the blazing sun, chewing tobacco and drinking beer in a dirty bar with this track playing. I watch too much TV, I know that. Oh, whose fucking vocals are those? White’s? Fertita’s? Invisible Jack’s (Lawrence)? Too long a track, I kinda like the improv vibe but it’s waaay too long. They totally lost me here.

… And alas! It’s over! Can’t believe I waited all year for this album. All right, it wasn’t horrible, I’ll give them that. And my opinion is biased since I honestly hate Jack Stinky White’s guts, but it wasn’t what I expected. Maybe my standards are high. Maybe not. Anyway, I really liked some parts, though overall the album as a whole was… eeeh. OH, Alison Mosshart’s voice sounds fucking good here. And that’s all I have to say about that.

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2 thoughts on “>My Two Cents’ Worth on…

  1. >I'll be damned; we disagreed on something musical? How'd that happen? Even went back and gave it another listen to double check, but, yeah, still like "Rocking Horse". Maybe not great compared to other artists/discs, I grant you, but compared to the rest of the tracks on Horehound? Yep. Afraid so.Maybe my taste isn't so good after all! ;p

  2. >heh heh… nah, it's me. and just cause i said it reminds me of seven nation army doesn't mean it's true. things usually remind me of the most random shit. rocking horse is an ok track, i just liked others better. like the buffalo! oi!

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