>Checking in with C (cause I haven’t blogged enough lately)

>This week, for the first time in… a long fucking time, I bought an album on iTunes. I know I vowed to never hand those bastards my precious money again, but this time I had to and it was fucking worth it. The item in question: the Moon original soundtrack by Clint Mansell.

I hate my job, I hate my job, I hate my job…

I like someone, and I totally hate this cause knowing how fucking pathetic I am, my crush will be completely unrequited and I’ll end up depressed. Not to mention it’s practically impossible and crazy and so fucking typical of me. Shhhhhh!!!

I’m drinking again. I don’t like this either cause knowing how lame a drunk I am, I’ve probably revealed way too much of my ugly self in my drunken stupors and that’s NOT good. Just ask Twitter.

Grecia is back, yay!

I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending my birthday in New York, which would be fucking amazing (for the most part) if I didn’t know there are already some people planning how they’re gonna get me drunk on Nov. 3rd, and as I mentioned before, that’s NOT good. It also seems I’ll be spending my 21st with Lisette — if I convince her to stay that long. Good? Yeah!

Michael Reznor announced the ‘last ever’ NIN tour dates, (ooooohhhh!). Presale tickets went on sale on July 17th, causing a massive NINternet collapse which left most of the NINtard/NIN fangirl/cool NINer population ticketless. People, are you ever gonna learn to NEVER take El Rezzo’s word seriously? I give his break two years tops. He’ll be back. [Don’t get me wrong, I, too, wish I could go to one of those shows, but I’ve already fed my NIN obsession way too much. Time to move on.]

Speaking of, His Holiness Trent ‘Bitch Fit’ Reznor, called bullshit on everyone and deleted his two Twatter accounts and his fiancee’s, because of course, a smart man like him knows the only opinion that matters is the trolls’. In addition, he’s also disabled the PM feature on his nin.com profile, in an attempt to disconnect himself from the meanie NINternets and live in the real world. I’m not gonna comment on or judge his decision, but… dude, he should have done that a long time ago, in PRIVATE! In any case, and cause I know he’s totally reading this, he should fill this out. (Posted that on my Twitter a while ago but since he wasn’t reading his @replies, I didn’t send it to him.)

Speaking of, I am done talking about Trent. Unless he releases cool new music or does something non assholey for a change, I’m giving him the silent treatment, so to speak.

I’m getting better at simul. I mean, what the fuck, I interpreted two hours worth of a Non-Aligned Movement meeting laden with weird Middle Eastern and African and Indian and Asian accents and weird language and big words and shit and I didn’t totally fuck up! Could it be that doing simul is really my thing? I can say, in all honesty, I enjoy interpreting UN-type of speeches, like that NAM meeting, and I’m truly interested in the issues addressed in them, the language is easy to get used to, the terminology is fairly easy and… well, interpreting this kind of thing gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside, like you’re actually helping save the world or something. Granted, these people are NOT gonna save the word, and neither are the interpreters, but fuck it, it’s a cool job.

Speaking of, I still suck big time and need to practice.

And I still hate my job.

I like gladiator sandals. Why? No fucking idea.

My Italian doesn’t suck.

“If you’re happy and you know it, that’s a sin!” from The Simpsons. Fuck, lolololol! WIN!

I’ve recently come to realize how much I love music. I would be fucking nothing without it.

A professor called me ‘smart’ the other day, and told my friends she always thinks of me first when planning the class. This made me feel good, but the prof is a total wacko so I don’t know how to feel about that.

Life is pretty good in general. Can’t complain.

And that’s all.

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