>Why do rich people feel like they’re entitled to walk all over everyone and get away with it? I mean, just because they have money doesn’t mean they’re not a bunch of useless pieces of shit incapable of doing anything remarkable in their sad, pathetic little lives. In fact, the only talent they possess is an astounding ability to annoy the living crap out of everyone they come in contact with who’s not as high and mighty as them. I mean, fuck money, it’s just a pile of paper, it can’t buy you a common sense, or respect for others, or even a fucking clue. If it could, we’d be surrounded by Einsteins and Shakespeares and Gandhis. I think money is evil and I hope I never have it, because I like the way I am now, I think I’m compassionate and respectful and don’t think I’m better than anyone and I sure as hell don’t wanna change! So, rich people, here’s a little piece of advice from yours truly: TAKE YOUR FUCKING BENJAMINS AND SHOVE THEM! YOU KNOW WHERE! It might not mean much to you but I know what I’m saying. It’s me today but it won’t be long till you get what you fucking deserve, you fucking assholes. And I’m a fucking professional, I know what I’m doing, I know what I’m saying and I can proudly say I’m far smarter than the whole of you combined and fucking prove it! So fuck you very much and I don’t give a shit about you people anymore.

And that is all.

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