>Notorious(ly weird) Moment No. 3654456-7-8-9-…

>Gross, rich-as-fuck, famous old dude followed me today at the mall. I was scared to death, so I ran and took the first cab I could find away from said old turd and his two minions. Told my friends about it and they all agreed that I should’ve let him follow me. Dude has a taste for young women and likes to pay a high price for his latest squeeze. I’m scared. I feel like the dude’s watching me through my window and can’t fucking sleep… so I’m blogging all about it.

Today Sara had her going away party and I had a frozen daiquiri that tasted like a fucking bloody mary. I also ate a fuck load but that didn’t keep me from getting drunk on vodka and tequila shots. I’m fucking ashamed of myself, it’s fucking Wednesday (ok, Thursday), for fuck’s sake.

I literally just found out I’m gonna be a bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding. I don’t have a fucking dress to wear, and I’m too fat to look good in it anyway.


I miss NY. Can’t wait to go back. With my luck, my next trip will be a total disaster, but at least I have something to look forward to that isn’t a fucking NIN show until October. If I end up disappointed and broken-hearted, it’s cause people are just fucking useless and idiotic and don’t know an actual woman’s worth.

Wanted to get sushi today for Lis and myself but dude at the sushi joint told me they didn’t have any crab or shrimp to make sushi with. Total buzzkill. I mean, what kind of sushi joint runs out of crab and/or shrimp at 4 PM??? Fuckers.

Lost all my shit (literally) at school. Gotta run to the lost-and-found first thing tomorrow morning to see if they got my notebook and pencil case. Pencil case had my only good black kohl pencil and my stash of gum for the month, and notebook had all my crap written on it, including my pot-induced, track-by-track analysis of The Fragile and some tracks of Pretty Hate Machine (Ringfinger lol). I should totally publish my thoughts on Where Is Everybody? if I ever FIND MY FUCKING NOTEBOOK!!!

I’m having serious thoughts about something about someone that I can’t tell for fear of getting outcast and shunned by an entire community. I know I’m right though. I’m not telling shit yet, I’ll just let time have the last word on it.

GARY FUCKING NUMAN PERFORMED WITH NIN IN LA WHILE I WAS GETTING DRUNK TONIGHT! I mean, what the fuck is up with the world? First Peter fucking Murphy showed up hanging upside down vampire-style from the ceiling at Terminal 5 in NY (and screwed up Reptile) and now Gary Numan performed Cars (ew) and Metal??? What the fuck’s next, Bowie doing I’m Afraid of Americans???

Don’t fucking talk to me, I’m fucking irate right now.

And that’s all.


FUCKKKKK! Mother’s birthday is tomorrow. I guess I have to call her. Dang, can’t believe I almost forgot. I can’t believe I remembered just this moment. Wow…

(and why the fuck does this random folder keep opening? I’m sure as hell I’m not opening it myself. Fucking viruses).

kkk, that’s all.

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