>I hurt myself today…

>… because there is no God up in the sky.

Otherwise, I would have been at the Henry Fonda theater in Los Angeles tonight watching the second to last-ever NIN show. Instead, I got to watch the action as it unfolded on Twitter, like all the other losers who couldn’t make it to the show (I would have been on Access but my computer goes on a coma whenever I try to access Access, lol). How pathetic.


  • Gary Numan (meh, boring) doing Down in the Park, Cars and Metal with the band.
  • Former NIN bassist and Brad Pitt impersonator Danny Lohner joining the band for Heresy (dude said it already on Twitter a couple days ago, no big surprise there) and much more.
  • That Greg Pusciato (sp?) dude from Dillinger Escape Plan doing vocals on (guess which song) Wish. And Mr. Self Destruct.
  • Jane’s Addiction bassist Eric Avery joining NIN and Numan onstage for a (as-of-yet-unknown…) Gang of Four cover (update: it was Anthrax).
  • NIN covering Gang of Four!!! Fuck yes Trent Reznor did listen to my suggestion that one time!!! I know I have no evidence of this but I know in my heart that I did suggest they play Gang of Four on this tour when he asked for cover suggestions on Twitter, way back when.
  • HEALTH joining onstage for who the fuck knows what.
  • Trent actually showing emotion and smiling quite a lot throughout the show.
  • Justin Meldal-Johnsen STAGEDIVING during The Hand that Feeds!!! (am I the only one who thinks this would have been SO much cooler if he still had the afro???)
  • Atmosphere by Joy Division.
  • Get Down, Make Love.
  • Head Like a Hole opening the show.
  • Mike Garson (as in Mike ‘I don’t know you but you’re cool cause you’ve worked with Bowie’ Garson) playing piano.
  • Mike Garson playing piano on Just Like You Imagined. WAIT, WHAT??? Just Like You Imagined, motherfuckers.

I don’t even wanna think of the awesomeness that will happen tomorrow on Thursday. The last ever NIN show. Oooohhhh!

Right now I’m fucking depressed and tired and can’t find a proper setlist for tonight’s show, which is bumming me out. Will update this post tomorrow when I have the official setlist. And the bootleg.


Setlist here (from nin.com):

Los Angeles, CA
Henry Fonda Theater

1. Head like a Hole
2. Terrible Lie
3. Sin
4. March of the Pigs
5. Piggy
6. Echoplex
7. Reptile
8. I’m Afraid of Americans
9. Survivalism
10. Head Down
11. 1,000,000
12. Letting you
13. Burn
14. Gave Up
15. Eraser
16. Just like you Imagined (w/ Mike Garson)
17. The Becoming (w/ Mike Garson)
18. I do not Want This (w/ Mike Garson)
19. Down in the Park (w/ Mike Garson & Gary Numan)
20. Metal (w/ Mike Garson & Gary Numan)
21. Cars (w/ Mike Garson & Gary Numan & Eric Avery of Jane’s Addiction)
22. Anthrax (w/ Gary Numan, Eric Avery of Jane’s Addiction & the four members of HEALTH )
23. Heresy (w/ Danny Lohner)
24. Get Down, Make Love (w/ Danny Lohner)
25. Mr. Self Destruct (w/ Danny Lohner & Greg Pusciato of Dillinger Escape Plan)
26. Wish (w/ Danny Lohner & Greg Pusciato of Dillinger Escape Plan)
27. The Hand that Feeds
28. Atmosphere
29. Dead Souls
30. The Day the World Went Away
31. Hurt

I can’t believe JLYI was played tonight.

Now playing: Tortoise – Almost Always Is Nearly Enough
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