>Even Deeper


(from Wikipedia)

Left disc
# Title Length
1. “Somewhat Damaged” (Reznor, Danny Lohner) 4:31
2. The Day the World Went Away 4:33
3. “The Frail” 1:54
4. “The Wretched” 5:25
5. We’re in This Together 7:16
6. “The Fragile” 4:35
7. Just Like You Imagined 3:49
8. “Even Deeper” (Reznor, Lohner) 5:48
9. “Pilgrimage” 3:31
10. “No, You Don’t” 3:35
11. “La Mer” 4:37
12. “The Great Below” 5:17
Right disc
# Title Length
1. “The Way Out Is Through” (Reznor, Keith Hillebrandt, Charlie Clouser) 4:17
2. Into the Void 4:49
3. “Where Is Everybody?” 5:40
4. “The Mark Has Been Made” (A half-minute of “10 Miles High” is used as an outro.) 5:15
5. “Please” 3:30
6. Starfuckers, Inc.” (Reznor, Clouser) 5:00
7. “Complication” 2:30
8. “I’m Looking Forward to Joining You, Finally” 4:13
9. “The Big Come Down” 4:12
10. “Underneath It All” 2:46
11. “Ripe (With Decay)”

Ten years ago today, The Fragile was released. Critics got their year-end list topper, Trent Reznor got his magnum opus and I got my all-time favorite album. Nothing will ever move me as much as this 104-minute piece of artistic integrity and damaged emotion did. Years after my discovery of The Fragile, it still feels as fresh and painful as it did eight years ago, when I first bought it. My heart still pounds whenever I hear Just Like You Imagined, We’re in This Together still leaves me breathless, and I still can’t help shutting my eyes during the guitar solo on The Fragile.
I’m out of words. Just… fuck, I love you, The Fragile. Happy 10-year anniversary.

Oh yeah, here:

We did it again, Nine Inch Nails makes the Twitter trending topics yet again. We’re just an awesome fanbase. I don’t know why Trent is such an asshole to us sometimes.

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