>La-di-da, la-di-da, la-la

>Ever get the feeling humans shouldn’t be allowed to speak? Or even communicate at all? We’re supposed to be thinking beings, and this is one of the few distinct gifts that separate us from animals, but fuck, I’m thinking, even if we do know how to speak and express ourselves and communicate with one another, we’re really not that different from animals anyway.

Well, at least I am. I don’t make a habit of talking out of my ass. I don’t use words as weapons to debase spirits and destroy the very fabric of human emotion, even when I’m angry. I never say XOXO…


Right, because if we were all eloquent and proper when using language, we’d all be characters in Cinderella or some shit like that. In a perfect world, the ass would only be employed to perform its basic biological functions and not to speak, and the brain would be employed to analyze words and their meanings before spewing them out to the world. I bet if Cinderella had been real, she would have talked out of her ass as well.

Sometimes when I hear so much shit coming from someone’s mouth, I either think of something else, or just roll my eyes out like a prize spoiled brat, or maybe, if I’m feeling daring enough, ask the individual generating the shit to please shut the hell up.

Some other times, I lose it. And then, of course, the outcome of this ridiculous diatribe, meaning the idiot’s verbal diarrhea-laden retort and my agitated one and so on and so forth, whatever it be, becomes automatically my fault.

People are so stupid I feel sorry I belong to their same species. Then again, maybe I’m no better myself and don’t know it yet.


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