>Heh, guess what?

>So, I’m a total hipster and listen to ‘cool’ bloghouse bands cause in my head, that makes me cool and hip.

Tonight, I listened to the ultimate hipster manifesto: Merriweather Post Pavilion by Pitchfork’s fave, Animal Collective.

I’d heard lots of praise for this album, but given my feelings for AnCo’s previous albums (meh), and my reaction upon hearing they’d released a new pukefest… er, record earlier this year (meh), I didn’t listen to it up until now. Reaction: Um… heh. Meh.

I don’t know what the fuck everyone sees in these dudes. They’re just a bunch of stoners taking drugs, fucking around with their instruments and synths after dropping acid or taking a bottle’s worth of cough syrup. While, I admit, that trick worked for a lot of people, it doesn’t for them. Cause it takes a whole lot of talent to be able to play anything that makes sense while stoned out of one’s mind; the kind of talent these shaggy-haired dudes in gay skinny jeans and Atari t-shirts would only dream of having. I mean, they strike me as a bad, bad, bad Spiritualized ripoff, and that’s the only reason those Pitchfork homos get a stiffy over this shit.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this album makes number one on every major music site’s end-of-year list, just like Vampire Weekend’s s/t (don’t even get me started on that one) did last year. The world is an ugly, unfair place.

Fuck indie. If any more Merriweather Post Pavilions get made, I’m going all metalhead on you guys.

Now playing: Animal Collective – Brother Sport
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