>Hey, it’s me. I’m sorry I totally forgot about this blog, I’ve been busy having a life that for the first time in years does not include Trent Reznor in any way. I’m pretty happy actually, just sitting back, having a cup of tea and typing up this thing on my TOTALLY AWESOME NEW COMPUTER!!! and reminiscing about my life before my 21st birthday.

That’s right, I’m an adult now.

Of course, I’m back from NY, where I had an amazing time for a change, and am currently dealing with some godawful third-world shit that’s driving me and my dog insane. Wish I could go back, but I’m hell-bound, locked in a grimy dungeon with a hippie dog humping my leg and no electricity.

Ok, so I’m tired and have other shit to deal with right now so I’m not gonna blog about how awesome these past couple of days have been. I’m just gonna post some pictures cause I’m such an attention whore. I’ll elaborate eventually. Or maybe I won’t.

Birthday woman w/carrot cake. Happy day.

Meeting my future employers @ the UN lol…

A Place to Bury Strangers. Fucking AWESOMEEE!!! (BTW, I should mention I saw Kyp Malone backstage during the All the Saints/Dead Confederate intermission… and I GOT A GUITAR PICK!!!)



(Heh, I haven’t listened to any music in centuries. WTF?)


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