>I am sad. I will miss my girls. So much so I nearly cried today when I thought about it. I’m growing up. Thinking that we will separate sooner than I can count to 13567700 breaks my heart. I can’t even write about it cause I am out of words to describe how utterly hopeless I feel that time will go by and the world would move round and round and one day I’ll lose everything I have right now. It’s happened before and it will happen again. It happens every single day. The weight of things forgotten and time consumed makes me nervous. I wanna be thirteen again.

Some seasonal nostalgia — just what I needed. I guess I just hate the fact that my life is inevitably wasting away before my eyes and even though I am aware of it, I have not moved a finger to change it.

So merry Christmas. Gonna have my Christmas latte now.

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