>Procrastination 101

>So The Knife got back together and released a (as-of-yet-unreleased) new album (which was conveniently leaked this week), cause I asked them to and they love me so much they just did it.




I am bored.

I am not liking this.

I am underwhelmed.

Sorry, my uneducated musically-disabled ears are allergic to ambient. This sounds a lot like ambient, though I really think they wanted to have people scratching their heads at this and created the totally groundbreaking WTF genre, cause it tries hard to sound experimental/drone/glitch/ambient, but it ends up sounding just weird (for the most part). Sorry, Dreijers. 😦

My bet is, Karin let Olof off the leash and near the computer. Bad, bad idea, Karin.

(If only it was this easy for me to write about shit that matters… then I should have no need to procrastinate. I feel out of breath and trapped when I’m working on something that’s difficult and words escape me. Then I procrastinate, like I am right now).

By the way, I reserve my right to write a retraction to the opinions hereby expressed.

Now playing: The Knife – Variation of Birds (OH MY GOD, this track literally made my comp freeze. What the FUUUUU???)
via FoxyTunes


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