>Token Gay

>Watching Desperate Housewives tonight, I finally paid attention to the show after months of just having it on TV while I do other stuff on the computer. I was somewhat familiar with the relatively new gay couple in Wisteria Lane, cause they’ve been on the show for a couple seasons now, but today I got to actually see them in action.

How fucking gay are they?

I’m perfectly okay with gay people on television and blah blah, and it’s cool that big TV networks are finally being “open” enough to put gay people on their hit shows. It’s all good. What I don’t like is the way they oversimplify homosexuality and dump it into the vast stereotype pool of television. I’m sick of seeing the same goddamned leather-pants-wearing, Madonna-loving, totally FAB gay guy and his down-to-earth, less gay partner throwing cocktail parties for their equally gay/troubled women pals.


Dude, next time you big TV writers wanna have a gay character in your shows, why don’t you try a little thing called CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and try to puff up your flat, stock gay people. There’s something you could be proud of. Turning people into stereotypes ain’t good. Mostly because we all believe in that little ditty called individuality, and even gay people think they’re unique and stuff. Crazy, right?

Brah, I can’t watch TV anymore. Don’t even get me started on House. Grrr.

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