>I Think Attention Needs to Be Drawn to This

>I’m so not keeping up with new indie releases — I know I should have blogged about this song last year. I intended to, but I’m lazy and had other less important things to deal with at the time.

This is a great song. I love this band and how their style keeps going back and forth within the scope of bloghouse indie. Maybe it’s just me, but every single one of their songs sounds different from the other. That’s quite nice, given that we’re surrounded by mass-produced, entry-level indie bands making forgettable, disposable music with pre-programmed beats on their Casios (see MGMT); and when playing some stupid kiddie xylophone on top that same Casio shit magically turns that piece of mediocre musicianship into a genius, groundbreaking work of art (see Vampire Weekend). What kind of world are we living in?!

Wish there were more bands like Atlas Sound (definitely recommend them) and Memory Tapes. Not that I’m a huge fan of either, but they’re probably two of the better choices in today’s indie.

Oh, BTW… do I hear New Order in this song?

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