>Los Hombres Son Mal Llevados, Sufridores y Ridiculos


It’s no secret I hate men. Some more than others, some less than others. Sometimes I don’t so much hate them as feel sorry for them and how utterly evil they are. There’s one guy I don’t hate, because he’s gone to great lengths to prove how incredible and completely different he is from all the other guys out there. I really love him. I will always love him, even if I die, or if he dies.


So there you go. You got that? I HATE MEN! I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND! I DON’T LOVE YOU! I NEVER LOVED YOU! Please let me know if I need to spell it out for you. This incessant bugging, the feeling of still being attached to you makes me miserable. I need you out of my life. I thought you already were. So quit bothering me with your glorified bullshit, and don’t try to act like you ever gave a shit about me, or anything.


So fuck you. If you feel you lost out on something great, think again. I suck. But someone loves me for who I am, even if I suck – something you couldn’t ever do. Sorry for your loss, but not really.

Now piss the fuck off.


Now Playing: Nine Inch Nails – Live at Wiltern Theater, LA [2009-10-09] – I Die: You Die


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