>Three People


  • I know a person who hates everything I love and loves everything I hate. This person tries to justify bad taste with bitchy, opinionated pieces of verbal attack toward those who disagree. This person thinks having feelings and problems is gay.

Verdict: This person sucks and should therefore be thrown into the sun.

I will cut you off, bitch. Shut the fuck up. For the record, I LOVE Arcade Fire.

  • I know a person who is a lazy, shameless little twat who really needs to learn a thing or two about office manners and hygiene. This person believes that burgers and meddling are the way to make friends.

Verdict: This person needs to stop watching soap operas and using up bandwidth when everyone is busy. Also, this person needs to have the crap police raid their cubicle.

Dear lord, if you want to make friends, just be yourself. Right, I forgot yourself is annoying.

  • I know a person who polarizes me. I can’t explain it. Wrong topic.

Verdict: Good thing they’re gone.


I really hate people and I really love people. Sometimes I think a person will be the death of me, not cancer.

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