>Future Perfect

>Lately I’ve been thinking about the future in ways I never had before. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up. Even though the core of my interests and goals has remained more or less the same, I’ve been re-prioritizing ideas and shifting focus from one set of plans to another. And as this has been taking place, new ideas and interests have begun to emerge. Everything is changing and I’ve been stuck in a changeless world way too long to know how to take it. So, I’ve decided to write down a list of things I want to do, careers I’d like to pursue, plans I’d like to carry out and dreams I’d like to fulfill in the near and not-so-near future, so I can go back to it and remind myself of what I once wanted, if I ever forget it. I won’t bother to sort them in order of importance because I’d spend much longer trying to figure that out than my life allows me to give to one single blog post.

  1. Get a Master’s degree in human development/human rights/human-related issues: I’ve been struggling with career issues for the last 10 years, and I’ve finally found something I feel absolutely passionate about.
  2. Study fashion design: Won’t take me long. I don’t need a degree, just need to know that I can do it.
  3. Become a radio DJ: I might be prepared to do the job. I might.
  4. Move to New York City: I really don’t need to explain this.
  5. Become a human rights activist: Closely related to point #1, I’d like to start here.
  6. Open my own tea shop: I’m pretty sure it’s the one business I wouldn’t get bored of.
  7. Learn how to drive: This is happening soon, I promise. Serious. (fingers crossed)
  8. Travel to Asia: I figured, if I am one of the very few people who wouldn’t mind taking a six-connection flight, I am bound to fly everywhere the wind blows. I plan on traveling the ENTIRE world, including Antarctica, but I’ll start with Asia because they have wonderful tea. When in Asia, I plan on going to Iran too, JSYK.
  9. Learn how to play the drums: It seems like the obvious thing to do, right? If I love music, I should play an instrument. I chose the drums cause they are badass.
  10. Live in Norway: I love Scandinavia. If I could marry a country, I would become polygamous and marry all three Scandinavian countries. I wish all countries were like them.
  11. Have three dogs: I already have one, but because of space restrictions, I can’t get more. Hope this changes soon.
  12. Have a small, powerful laptop: I know I can find one, I just need to look further.
  13. Be smart: I know school won’t make you smart, but I think it can help me a great deal. A Ph.D wouldn’t be too bad.
  14. GRADUATE!!!: This is priority #1 right now. Until I can cross this out of the list, I will not be happy. This needs to happen next year.
  15. Write something worthwhile and get paid for it: It’s not about the money, but the satisfaction of knowing my writing is worth a damn.

That seems to be pretty much all for now. I will update this periodically if any new interests shall come up. I’m sure, if I manage to do at least five things on this list, I’ll be happy.

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