>Huge Barrels of AIDS


This is going to sound too damn cliche coming from me.
I hate attention whores, fame whores, no-good sluts and anyone who’s famous for doing absolutely nothing.
I believe in fairness and earning one’s money the right way. The world is already unfair enough with all the genocides and wars and social inequality to be letting ordinary sluts take control of the entire planet.
Who cares what Miley Cyrus smoked on her birthday? We all know she’s doomed to have a sex tape leaked on the internet soon, and her rehab stint is probably already paid for. Why is it surprising the kid is doing drugs? And why do we care she is? I bet we wouldn’t care that much if it was one of our own friends doing it. We wouldn’t even give a shit if we ourselves did it!

“Lindsay is my role model.”

And what about Kim Kardashian’s ass? I know LOTS of women with an ass just as big as hers, and I don’t see them naked all over the internet. In fact, I know people whose big asses are far more talented than Kim Kardashian’s will ever be, and I don’t see them making big bucks for showing up at parties and blowing crusty ass dudes.

Big talent
Seriously, die already. I really hope all these girls fall into a huge pool of AIDS with their eyes wide open and go the fuck away. They really don’t do anything for humanity, and the world wouldn’t suffer if they were gone. Maybe lots of nerdy sociopaths will cry at the loss of their daily supply of masturbatory material, but I am pretty sure they would find a replacement soon. Hentai would be a good choice.
Thanks to my good friend Eduardo for coining the term “barrel of AIDS” and letting me use it, as well as its myriad variations. Kim Kardashian’s ass is a huge barrel of AIDS. 

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