>Tales of Mere Hatred

>There’s one thing I really hate: Women who think they can conquer the world with male attention.

This is not a jealous or spiteful post written out of scorn, or whatever-the-fuck-excuse people might give to explain my bitching. It’s just not right and that’s how it is.

As a woman, I understand perfectly one’s need for attention from the opposite sex. It’s like a guilty pleasure (for girls who know better than obsess with male attention) – you know it’s completely useless and unnecessary, but it’s more than welcome when it’s given. It’s good for your self esteem and doesn’t hurt anybody. That’s how I see it. I don’t need it, or live for it, or spend copious amounts of time striving to get it.

Some women rely on it and make their lives revolve around the idea of men jacking off to them. Not me. Instead, I rely on my talents, intellect and charm to achieve what I set myself to. If I need friends, I will make them. Not by flirting my way into a clique, but by using my social skills. If I need to learn something, I do it, because I am capable and smart; I don’t ask men to do it for me. I don’t need men to tell me I am pretty, and I don’t need to show men how pretty I am just because I can.

I understand that some women are not capable of doing some things. Some are definitely smarter than others. It’s not really about how smart you are, but how you’ve been brought up. If you’ve been raised to believe you’re pretty and that’s all you are, then you’re fucked forever, cause you really aren’t. Beauty is only skin deep, but a fully developed personality and brains go a long way, you dipshits. Instead of worrying so much about drawing male attention and flirting with anything that moves and has a penis, worry about what you’ve accomplished in life and how. It annoys me to have to deal with women whose only talent is attracting attention from guys. It demeans all women and gives way to ugly, hurtful stereotypes that some of us would be much better off without.

Gah, I’m not bitter. I know who I am and I know I am much more than just a pretty face. I’m just overly bitchy and get annoyed easily. You guys should be used to that by now.


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