Living in the Ice Age

Moving on is an inevitable part of life. It’s hard sometimes but it is very much possible and not at all a myth. I’ve done it, and I’m an emotional wreck. If I could, you definitely can. All it takes is the desire to leave things buried in the past and live a little.

However, it doesn’t happen if you remain stuck in the past, still reveling in the marvel of times long gone, thinking nothing will ever be as good or sweet as it all was back then. As cool as life was in the past, it can never be as cool as what the future holds for you.
Why am I saying this? I am just kind of sick of certain people who can’t get over high school. Fucking high school. I mean people who are obsessed with that period of time when they were snotty teenagers and had no concerns or worries or responsibilities. Understandable, perhaps; but not at all excusable.
It’s all good, I guess. You can do whatever the fuck you want with your life and spend whatever amounts of time longing for things that are NEVER going to happen again. Just don’t drag others into your mess. I didn’t enjoy high school – it was hell and I am truly glad it’s waaay in the past – and I don’t want to relive it whatsoever.
So, high school obsessed friend, please leave me the fuck alone. My memories of high school are not as joyful and full or rainbows as yours are, and I have no interest in staying stuck in that dreadful place. I have a future and life has lots of things in store for me, much better than a high school do over.

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