Grownup Living

Today I speak to you as a new person. This is the day history was made. Today I woke up as a girl and will go to bed a woman.

No, I did not lose my virginity. Not until I’m married. Kidding, that happened long ago.

Today, I bought my first car. It is absolutely perfect.

It is not a new car, as I’m not able to afford a new car just yet, but it’s a good buy anyway. It’s a 2006 Renault Twingo in red. The color could be way better, but what the hell. It will make my car stand out.

If you’re wondering, this is what my car looks like:


Unfortunately, I was not able to cash the check for the dealership today (Saturday), but I was able to secure my buy by giving the dealership a certified check in exchange for the car’s papers. The check will be cashed Monday, and the car will be mine right away.

Sometimes it feels good to grow up. Some other times you can’t help missing being thirteen. Right now it’s all good.


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