I’m blogging cause I am bored. Severely.

I really have no idea what to write about, but I am typing cause it’s either this or the destruction of my soul little by little with tedium.

Let’s write about something cool. How about Ian Curtis?

Fuck, yeah.

Such a shame he killed himself. Dude was one of the best lyricists of his generation, yet he fucking died. It kind of teaches you something. All good things come to an end. Joy Division was way too cool to die so abruptly. I know, I know, we got New Order, and that’s just as good. Well, I’m pretty sure New Order would have happened anyway. There was absolutely no need for Curtis to die.

Listening to New Dawn Fades right now, and it’s piercing a hole through my heart. What happened to music and when did it stop being this emotional and gut-wrenching? Where the fuck did it go?

I miss lots of things. I miss better times, and I miss Ian Curtis, even though he was already long gone when I entered this world. I miss the fact that there was a time when music made me cry. I miss when I only cried cause I wanted to.

I am seriously fucking bored. Seriously, all I need is a good topic to write about. Right now even Lady GaGa would be fine.


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