Sunday Morning

Okay, this is torture. I am at school. On a Sunday. At nine in the morning. Fuck, this is horrible and I feel like dying. I haven’t slept well these last few days, and the class isn’t catching my attention at all. I am literally slumped on my chair only three inches above the floor.

I know I bitched and moaned for months about graduation and how it sucked that it wasn’t happening. It’s happening now and it SUCKS!

I guess I’m just tired. It doesn’t suck to finally be graduating, I am just whiny.

Or, I really don’t want to graduate.

HAHAHAH, fuck no.

I don’t know though, it’s kind of hard to tell. Graduating means I will become an adult and stuff. Being an adult sucks. BUT, writing a thesis sucks as well. I’d rather remain an undergrad awaiting graduation forever, so long as that fucking thesis stays the hell away from me.

Okay, I am off. This class is killing me and I need to go get my morning fix of Diet Coke before my brain implodes.


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